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AES: Feb. 2017 Updates and Information

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Previous Updates can be found here with very important information.  Please if you have not read over them yet please do so now. 

November: (Covers: Roles/Attire, Medicine, Medpack & Antibiotics, Bite Victims (what to do), Charts, Roster, Payday, Weapons, NPC's, Camping/AFKing, and IC/OOC Conflicts)
December: (Covers: Charging Patients, Info. about commodities, Medicines, Becoming a doctor, H1NZ Virus Vs. The Infected, H1ZN “The Zombie Flu", and The Infected Bundibugyo Ebolavirus-Z (BEBOV-Z), or The Contagion)
January: (Covers: Pausing New Arrival Exams, Extensive Info. on HUD sickness (how to diagnose & treat), Camping, Areas of the hospital, and  what is what and who is allowed where)


  • ROLES: Due to weather and other unforeseen reasons we have lost staff, and some very important ones at that.  We are currently in need of doctors, nurses, orderlies, janitors, security and EMTs, thankfully we have a new Lab director "Thomas Liu" we are good on lab techs for now.
  • THE HOSPITAL: Smells of bleach and other industrial cleaners, so much it may burn any new comers nose.  With so many coming in sick and spewing from both ends Dr. Kay has staff cleaning non-stop.  Any place a patient comes in contact with must be cleaned ASAP! The walls and ceiling has been repainted however in some areas the black smoke damage is bleeding through.  The floor is clean but damaged in areas. The hospital has seen its share of issues however it is still standing sound!
  • WEATHER: With all the rain the water is rising.  The shelter is open to anyone in need of it. Please show non-staff members who need a place to the third floor bunks.  There is soup or stew waiting (one per. day per player, see Dr. Kay for reimbursement of food/water if need be)
  • MEDICINE: We still are in need of medicines so any donations shall be gladly accepted.  The lab is currently keeping us supplied with antibiotics.
  • NPCS: You may have noticed a few new nurses standing around.  They are there to help and let people know where to go (or not go).  Titles being added.  (Remember you can use them to help you.  If you do not have a doctor and you are a nurse you can NPC a Doctor)(NOTE: Just want to add this:  THE GUARDS NEVER LEAVE THEIR POST UNLESS APPROVED BY LEAD)
  • CHARTS: Please make a chart for EVERYONE who comes in and send to the lead (KayKay Stine) in-word at end of scene or before you log.  We are working on a easier way to do this but for now this is the best way. Thank you.

((OOC: We are always looking for fun and exciting story ideas here at AES and the sim as a whole.  If you have an idea please run it by the lead.  As lead of AES I am pretty open to anything that fits the story. ))


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February 23, 2017 at 6:19 pm
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