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AES: March 2017 Updates and Information

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November: (Covers: Roles/Attire, Medicine, Medpack & Antibiotics, Bite Victims (what to do), Charts, Roster, Payday, Weapons, NPC's, Camping/AFKing, and IC/OOC Conflicts)
December: (Covers: Charging Patients, Info. about commodities, Medicines, Becoming a doctor, H1NZ Virus Vs. The Infected, H1ZN “The Zombie Flu", and The Infected Bundibugyo Ebolavirus-Z (BEBOV-Z), or The Contagion)
January: (Covers: Pausing New Arrival Exams, Extensive Info. on HUD sickness (how to diagnose & treat), Camping, Areas of the hospital, and  what is what and who is allowed where)
February: (Covers: Roles (what we are in need of staff wise), The Hospital (where people should be and not be & more), Weather (due to bad rains shelter is open to people displaced), Medicine (need of donations), NPC’s (important info about them), Chats (please make them and turn them in)


  • Multiple Jobs/Faction:  It was agreed between the leads and staff that no one should be working at multiple jobs or members of factions and working.  So as of April 1st anyone found on more than one roster while on AES roster will be removed.  There was already a notice sent out and have given time for people to pick up their last checks.  This also goes for those joining a faction.  (NOTE: in other words you can only be on ONE roster in Outbreak)
  • Work Attire: As per the last staff meeting there have been a few changes made for work/dress attire at the hospital.  Staff may wear their own scrubs of clothes that look like scrubs while on duty.  If you are not sure if it is suitable please ask.  Nurses and other staff should be wearing lt. Blue and doctors dark navy blue.  You can wear a white shirt.  Please remember to always change when you get there.  No one should ever treat a patient in street clothes, unless you brought them in and have already started working on them.
  • Drop Box for Charts: As some of you may already know I have added a drop box for charts on the lobby in the hospital.  If you didn’t know, now you do 😉 Please leave all charts in it by dragging and dropping the NC charts.  ICly you can RP giving them to the NPC desk girl who will then file them for the Doc to sign off.  I hope this makes it easier on you till we can get a web based charting system.
  • Staff Pager: This is a bell found in the lobby of the hospital on the desk.  Players can click it if no staff is on to treat them.  It will then send out an IM alerting those on the list letting them know there is someone in need of care.  This is only for AES staff who want to be  on-call.   You do NOT have to be on the list.  I am still working on this and will send out a notice when it is ready.
  • Staff IDs: Thanks to “The Founder” we were so graciously donated some new to us equipment.  A couple laptops, router for a wireless local network, printer(s), and a few other small items we could sure use.  Having found the blank cards and lanyards the Doc decided to put it all to good use.  All staff should be wearing their ID when on duty.  If you do not have one please get with me (KayKay Stine) these have all been made so far OOC, just need to have you come to office here in OB for a quick photo along with IC name and will get one out to you.
  • Doses for HUD illnesses: I may have already brought this up but wanting to do so again.  After learning a bit more and the hard work of our lab director we now know that you can heal with as little as one dose of antibiotics.  Some still takes two and maybe three but lets try one before handing out anymore.  Have your patient take one dose (take them get the local chat), if they click on their hud (the sick face) it will either say “Your character is recovering from the _________” if the dose worked.  If it did not and the patient still needs more doses it will say “Your character is suffering from the _______” at which point try another dose, and check again.  It has never taken more than three.
  • Medical Fees: During the staff meeting we agreed that there should be a cap on charging patients so no one over chargers.  Now we know we can not tell you how to play your character however should your character does not follow “orders” he/she will face consequences.  No one should be charging more than $150 per med. Kit (hospital treatment) or antibiotic dose
  • Donations:  We are always accepting donations, rather it be medicines, medical supplies, cleaning supplies, heck anything and even BLOOD! That is right, we always need blood be sure you NC anything that is donated and drop it in the drop box or give to me (Kay)
  • Inventory: It has been discussed about having a hospital inventory log of such.  Stating what we have, and how much of that item(s) we have on hand.  This would be a little more work but do feel it would add to RP.  Such as if we run out we have to improvise and will need to work with other business such as the general store and ATC along with going on runs to restock.  We are not sure if this will be done yet so let me know what you think.  All it will add to staff is adding a list of what was used in the chart.  Then lead would fix a list of what we have.
  • NC Updates:  I will be updating all NCs to reflect changes and will send them out please be sure that when I do you delete the old and save the new!  Will send out a notice when done

((Remember if you have any ideals for stories or anything please let me know! Happy RPing))


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