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AES: Nov. 2016 Updates and Information

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  • Nurses: Everyone starts as this - nurses do a little of everything around the hospital - wear lt blue scrubs.
  • Doctors: Everyone has to earn this title by working hard and character must meet qualifications (no Doogie Howsers!) - Doctors are to wear appropriate work attire such as dark blue scrubs.
  • Shelter Staff:  Welcome people, hand out new arrivals baskets and help maintain the shelter and kitchen.  Shelter workers do NOT have to help with the medical part of AES unless they want to.  Attire: Clean street
  • Security:  Keeps the building and people within safe.  We will work to expand out into the city of Arklay as-well.  Attire: Protective wear when available.
  • Paramedics/Fire: Our on foot first responders, anyone can sign up and be trained to do this.  (NOTE: be sure and do some RP at the hospital so you can collect pay.  Such as bringing patients in and helping wit their treatment. More info. coming soon!
  • Lab Techs: This is a new role, will update soon - for now please wear lt. blue scrubs
  • Orderlies: Anyone can do this, you are here to help keep the place clean, take patients up and help the nursing staff.  Attire: lt. blue scrubs

(NOTE: Please contact KayKay Stine in-world for your tag should you be playing anything other than nurse.   Also all new hires should click the memo board and accept the "AES New Hire & Protocals" notecard.)

MEDICINE: We are very limited it is almost two years since the outbreak, the shelf life on intravenous drugs should be coming to an end if not already.  Please do not give shots or IVs without knowing for sure we have it.  Here is a brief list of what we may have:

  • Saline for IV's and flushing wounds
  • Topical creams and ointments for wounds
  • Birth control (condoms, pills, patches and implants)
  • Various OTC samples or packs found on runs (colds, headaches and such)
  • Very limited Analgesics (only for serve cases that require surgery)
  • Antibiotics (available via the vendor NO bulk buying/selling)

We would also have other things that hospitals use for reducing fevers, starting the heart and for reactions to things, just please use judgment, this is a post-apocalyptic RP, going on 2 years after the outbreak so we would be running low or out of things.  If you are unsure please contact lead doctor.

MEDPACKS/PILLS: These commodities are meant to be used in RP - NOT to be bought in bulk and used for other reasons.  Seems these and other commodities on the sim are being mis-used and personally wish that this could be avoided.  This is a survival sim after all.  Anyone found buying in bulk that is not group lead and/or admin, or is buying them across the sim will be marked inactive on the roster and a report maybe sent to admins.  We currently have two types of medpacks at the hostpial:

  • $240HUD Lobby Medpacks: These are only a minor-heal and anyone can purchase these without the need of RPing with a medical staff member.
  • $40HUD Upstairs Medpacks: This are a major-heal and can ONLY be bought by a AES group member.  These are to be used in RP and remember you can sell for a profit and keep the difference.
  • PILLS: These are a new comod. that are for treatment of HUD sickness, they cost AES group members $100HUD and are only ONE treatment, most illnesses have taken THREE treatments to cure.  This is OOC knowledge however.   Like the $40HUD Medpacks you can sell these for more and keep the difference if you like.  (MORE INFO COMING ON HUD ILLNESSES)

(NOTE: Again there is to be no bulk buying of the medpacks/pills - these are RP aids and not to be used for personal gain.  Please report anyone abusing these items to your lead.)

BITE VICTIMS:  There is NO cure! If someone comes in bit, first see how long they have been on sim, if they are less than a week old IM them and explain that there are TWO outcomes from this:

  • Removal of limb (which they need to be able to play the part and at times buy something for the missing limb)
  • Death!

Always make sure you let the Lead Doctor know we have or had a bite victim!

CHARTS: Please send ALL charts to Lead doctor.  This is done so we know what is going on in the hospital. If you are running out of time you can send a simple NC with the patients name, your name as treating nurse/doctor with a quick description of the RP.

ROSTER:  The lead checks the roster often, anyone found with 0 mins. on it will be bumped back to "new hire" at this point you will not be able to buy the medpacks/pills till you come back and regain mins. on the roster.  This helps stop people from abusing the system.

(NOTE: Joining all the groups just to obtain access to commodities is frowned upon, and anyone found doing so risk being removed from rosters and reported to admin)

PAY DAY:  For anyone new, payday is on Sundays you have till the new check comes out to pick up your payout.  If you don't pick it up before the next one comes out you lose that one.  Also if you start mid week you will not get paid till the next week.

WEAPONS:  All AES staff is allowed to be armed when entering the building.  This is for the protection of the staff, patients and those staying in the shelter. Citizens are to be stopped by the NPC guard and asked to turn over their weapons BEFORE entering the building.  Please know that if someone (staff) is ICly asked not to carry while in the building that is to be played out ICly.  The guard does not pat or frisk people unless they have reason.

(NOTE: No one allowed to attack the hospital without prior approval from Lead or Admins)

AES NPC:  Only AES staff member should control our NPC unless someone has prior permission from the lead.  Bellow is a brief description of our NPCs so you can better write for them:

  • Jasper Ortez:  28 (Capricorn) born and raised in Arklay.  Left at 18 to join the Marines.  He was the eldest of 4, with 2 younger brothers and a sister.  His parents were hard workers, his father worked in retail and his mother a former nurse of Arkley Medical Center.  He was back at the base when the outbreak began and just recently made his way back to Arklay.  Seeing his family either fled or died he decided to stick around and offer his services to AES.  He has a very strong personality with a bit of a dirty sense of humor.  He however is very professional while on duty at AES, his eyes my look but he never touches or gets out of line with flirting.  Tho don't stop him from having thoughts.  (Hispanic/Straight/Male)
  • Stephanie Lane: 19 (Virgo) is from the mid. West - and was only in Arklay visiting family when the outbreak began.  Sadly her whole family was taken out and she had no way of getting home.  She was young and scared.  She has not changed too much in the past two years and is very quiet, however does her job well.  She keeps to herself and is happy doing so.  She prides herself on keeping clean and organized. (White/Pan/Female)
  • Jen Hurst: 38 (Leo) born and raised upstate New York till she married her life partner Tina who took a job at Arklay Medical Center.  Sadly Tina was devoured by patients who had turned.  Jen couldn't bare living alone however she took the sadness and turned it to hatred.  She stayed on at AES and is not one to be messed with.   (White/Lesbian/Female)

The info above is strictly for fun and RP, you (AES staff members) can use it when NPCing the characters to better know their backstory and who they are.

CAMPING/AFK: If you go AFK for more than a few minutes please TP out of the active RP area.  Anyone found camping will be TPed home and if it happens more than once you will be removed from the roster and admins will be made aware.

IC/OOC CONFLICTS:  We are all adults or by the rules per the sim we should be, that being said please keep all conflicts IC, if you have an issue with another player OOC please do the right thing and talk it out or just don't play with them.  Seems to be a lot of he said she said going on the sim right now and honestly it is ruining the fun for other players.   We all come here to have fun so lets do just that!

New and exciting things at AES:

  • AES LAB: It has been rebuilt. (the org. lab was located in the basement and was destroyed in a fire) The lab is now located on the second floor of the hospital.  The lab can do testing and culturing with the ability to make meds.  (good and bad) currently looking for Lab Techs! Contact the AES Lead for more info.
  • Change of the guards:  As most of you have seen Bo is no longer with us, we do not know what happened to him, and only wish him the best.  However we now have a new NPC guard, be sure to stop by and say hi!
  • Security Hangout:  We have added a new security post/perch up in the blown out area of the hospital.  Now you can see them when they are coming, go for a head shot *wink*
  • Last and for sure not least we want to formally welcome back two new additions to the (new) AES family: Vanora Blackheart who is heading up security for us and Kendall Eiren who is in charge of our paramedics and fire/rescue team.  So glad to have you back!

Always looking for new ideas for events, story arcs and much more.  If you have an idea for AES please contact the lead.  If you have an idea for the sim let the story weavers know!

AES Contacts:
LEAD: KayKay Stine
MANAGER: Ai D'Morgann
SHELTER:  Benjamin Weber
SECURITY: Vanora Blackheart
EMS/FIRE/RESCUE: Kendall Eiren

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November 11, 2016 at 11:19 am
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