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Whatever Buffy's told you, whatever you think you know about the diminutive and talkative blonde, she's only telling you half the story.  Or maybe a quarter.

Like any good story hers has a shade of truth.  She was a High School cheerleader, she was a spoiled brat.

But when Z-Day came, she wasn't in the middle of cheer practice and she didn't have to fight through her zombie infested school to get free.  That was made-up.

Buffy had been committed to an institution, the kind with padded walls and straitjackets, about 6 months before Z-Day.  Because she'd always believed the apocalypse was coming. Except she'd always had an inkling that when the world came crashing down, it would be vampires.  As she grew older, her belief grew as well until she had her bedroom bedecked in crosses and garlic, and had taught herself how to carve sharp and deadly wooden stakes which she'd practise with when she didn't have homework.  She believed herself to be the one who would battle the vampires when they came, the Slayer. Comma. The.

Her parents noticed this odd behaviour and thought it was a phase, but when her school did a locker search and found her carved weaponary and tried to take it away, Buffy freaked out and her babbling about vampires caused everyone to notice.  Within days she found herself in the clinic.

She was there when the systems started to breakdown and when people started eating each other.  And because of her beliefs, she wasn't as surprised as she should have been, except the zombie twist. But then vampires were smarter than zombies, they'd probably send the zombies in first and show up to sweep up the survivors later.

Buffy's ingrained beliefs are the only things that allowed her to survive the first few days.  Now she's in Arklay, and trying to get by as just another girl in the apocalypse....and patiently waiting for the Vampires to reveal themselves.

"This was never my story. It's yours. Now, don't screw it up, okay? ."

January 9, 2015 at 3:07 am
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