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Dale Madden – Syn Wytchwood


By tadashir resident

OVERVIEW: I would like to take Coaches back to where it has already been. As stated below my character, Liam, Ran security and helped Kali lead the bar starting a few months after the sim first opened. During that time we were doing a kind of biker gang styled theme and it was always a lot of fun. Basically the business would operate as normal, serving drinks and offering up wild parties for the residents. At the same time the 'gang' would be doing whatever they can to ensure that they are strong. Not only would they want to ensure their survival but also sometimes that means being stronger than the guy next door. The gang will do whatever they can to make money and stockpile resources for the future. They would regularly do such things as; Go on scavenging trips, Sell or save anything of value, Sell drugs, Do dirty deeds for cash, Offer protection to other businesses and residents, and anything else that could possibly lead towards gaining assets. Eventually there would likely be more aggressive actions (not right away) in order help them move up the food chain. At the same time there would be friendly ones as well with those that are aligned to Coaches path. One such goal of Liam's would be to immediately befriend the current owner of the Dollhouse. This was his plan when he worked at Coaches previously but he and Kali never quite made the dream a reality. With this union in place he could help push Dolls at Coaches in exchange for some sort of business deal, likely for drugs. Having scantily clad and willing girls around the place never hurts to attract men with money either. A bit of more mundane friendship might be with Sam-N-Ellas as they are directly across the street and have similar businesses. Of course another likely friend might be Dixons garage, Mechanics and Bikers typically like one another and often times hold both titles. The end game goal of Liam and Coaches will be dictated by the Roleplay and outcomes of whatever actions we take. The above stated path does not necessarily mean that is the direction Coaches will take. Any sim wide events or other business/faction roleplay would effect ours and shape it. The main plan is to enjoy lots of fun roleplay!

EXPERIENCE:I have built and ran several Roman sims in the past. I have been a roleplayer for 10+ years, often times in leadership positions. I also co ran coaches for a long time with Kali as Liam when the sim firt opened. I really enjoy the pub for some reason and it was always my favorite part of this sim. Liam came in at Coaches and worked his way to the top and would like to run it again.

We all have demons, I just choose to embrace mine.

June 14, 2017 at 10:07 am
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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