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Posted originally by Tony Rhodes AKA Adrian Czartza

Demios Group Arklay Research Outpost

A large state of the art research facility stands out amongst the rural island, an out of the way outpost for critical and sometimes unethical research that needed to be conducted. Before the outbreak, it was home to a modest staff and skeleton security crew. After the outbreak, with most functioning BSL-4 labs long since having fallen it has swelled up to be one of the last remaining properly equipped scientific strongholds left on the west coast, if not the continent.

For those with the clearance to find themselves inside the facility, down into the earth and into the restricted labs – they’d find they still have everything they need to do their jobs. And as things get desperate, and results are demanded, the scientific team might find themselves having to break moral, ethical, and legal thresholds in the hopes of science – or survival.

OOC Info:
There are numerous potential roles that can be played inside the Arklay facility. Players can come in as previously employed roles such as researchers or scientists or easily RP being members of other departments such as the CDC or university labs being drafted in to help with the tasks at hand. There are also lab assistant positions that can give struggling survivors with some sort of scientific background a place to find work.

(Players interested in playing research personnel please continue reading below.)


Known formally as the Deimos Group Corporate Security Detail, and informally as the Epsilon Group – this group is the strong arm of the megacorp. This hand picked detachment handles the more sensitive matters of security on all things regarding the Deimos Group, from high risk security assignments to more hands on matters that are required. Accusations of the group have ranged from intimidation and battery to corporate espionage – and worse. Regardless of the charges leveled, no member of the group or the company itself have ever been convicted, likely due in no small part to the legal team brought to bear.

While the Arklay Research Facility was manned by a small compliment of security officers, as the contagion struck and the importance of the facility slowly became fully realized as one of the potentially last sites on the continental United States that could work out a cure, this small security detail would not suffice. The Arklay facility was given the highest level of priority, and Epsilon was cleared for deployment to ‘Romeo Oscar’.

The catch – no time frame on the contract, no promise there would be a city or even country to come home to, limited if any support or resupply. However, what they had going was the housing of security and science personnel’s families inside one of the Deimos corporate bunkers, and the promise of a massive payday when and if they pulled it off. It wasn’t a Faustian bargain, but it was close.

Epsilon on Arklay has 4 base objectives listed by importance that must be fulfilled on a continuous basis.

1. The absolute protection and safeguarding of the research facility and all scientific or security personnel within.

2. To assist or make available resources and requests for the scientific team in any available capacity.

3. Carry out actions or operations deemed important for the well being, security and continued survival and operation of the outpost.

4. Attempt to maintain an amicable and non-hostile relationship with the local island populace and authorities.

The group is run as a military organization, and with military discipline and radio structure. Chain of command is enforced regardless if a long time Deimos employee or a field recruited individual. Employees or contractors found to be grossly in disregard of the objectives, procedures, or found to be operating in unsanctioned or deniable criminal activities may be met with termination, summary discipline or in extreme cases – execution.

(Players interested in playing Epsilon personnel please contact Adrian Czartza)

The organization structure of the entire deployed unit is headed up by the Command Division. From there the taskforce is split into two different detachments, the Uniformed and Plainclothes detachment. Finally, each detachment has two divisions assigned to it, one headed up by mainline employees and another headed up by senior employees.

All new hires to the company, regardless of prior background or professional aptitude are integrated into the fold as contractors.


Due to serious potential misuse with the group itself, the following must be OOCly made clear.

- Epsilon is not a police group or a military group. Epsilon is corporate security. Members are not allowed to randomly detain or police sections of the town not under Epsilon control.
- Epsilon is not a group for random violence or overt corruption. While brutality and antagonistic angles are part of the group, it’s purpose is to not commit random acts of such.
- Epsilon WILL ICly fire or worse members who overtly act criminally against the benefit of the company and compound.
- Epsilon requires adhereing to certain protocols and standards, including radio use standards as well as chain of command and others.
- Epsilon members are subject to higher scrutiny for claims of metagaming and powergaming due to the potential overpowering aspect present if the group is RP’d wrongly.
TL;DR – Epsilon isn’t a group for random murders/rapes/crimes and it isn’t a group for those wishing to just stand around with military gear and look cool. Unfit members will be ICly dealt with.

Epsilon only has operational authority to secure, protect and patrol the area of the lab structure and it’s underground structures hereafter referred to as the Compound. All unclaimed and uninhabited territory within 100 meters of the compound hereafter referred to as the Yellow Zone.

Epsilon employees do NOT have any law enforcement capabilities or operational authority outside of the compound and the Yellow Zone. Epsilon members that are in town are required to submit to confiscation orders for businesses and locations when necessary. Epsilon is not a police force and individuals acting as such will be dealt with.


Status Codes
These following color codes are given out by senior staff on a daily basis to signify the current threat levels being observed. These are to be used in planning for how to handle deployments for employees. These codes will be broadcasted over all applicable radio frequencies to be picked up by other agencies and radio equipped survivors as well. The codes are as followed.
Code Green
Low overall hostility. Infected counts are low enough to do day to day operations with minimal risk. No known or assumed risks against the compound or Deimos employees. Follow standard protocols.
Code Yellow
Medium overall hostility. Infected counts are increasing to the point that clear and sweep operations need to be happening continuously. There may be valid or circumstantial intelligence pointing to potential threats against the compound or Deimos Employees. Follow standard protocols and keep in constant communication with your squad leaders.
Code Red
High overall hostility. Infected counts have risen to emergency levels. Travel restrictions may be enforced. Compound is prepared for lockdown. Crisis positions are to be manned and defensive positions maintained. There may be a valid and tangible human threat against the compound or Deimos employees.
Code Black
Immense overall hostility. Base is locked down, all non-combat personnel are evacuated below and sealed off. All non-Deimos employees approaching the compound are to be dealt with lethally. Contingency measures put into action and structural charges primed. Clear and present danger from infected or armed groups to the compound or Deimos Employees.

January 6, 2015 at 4:56 am
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