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Nadir Taov


To help encourage realism with the fall of civilization, we’re adding a new feature and commodity to Arklay:

Full Power Generators

There are yellow generators now parked in front of every major business on the island. The generator will run with the fuel commodity which will primarily be the responsibility of the group leader to acquire from the employees at Dixon’s Garage. They should be able to pay for fuel if they are active weekly with the increased payouts they receive. A full tank will last about a week. There is also a lightbulb hanging inside each building that is connected to the generator to help visually indicate if there is power from the inside. From the outside of the building, the generator will emit smoke and a green indicator light will be lit for RP purposes.

Characters can use the generators to RP if a building has power or not; in the event the building is not powered, you can expect all the discomforts including stale air, dim lighting (candles), etc. Get creative with it!

Portable Generators

This item will be available soon; it is a smaller generator that tenants on the island can purchase and fuel to power their homes and encampments. Though fuel cans are the same between both generator styles, these little generators will last 50% longer per refuel. More details TBA.

Fuel Can

The fuel can commodity is available in limited daily supply at the Dixon Garage. Please RP with an employee at the garage to acquire a can of gas. This commodity will fuel both full-size and portable generators.

To fuel a device is simple; all you do is rez the can within 10 meters of the engine you wish to fill. Then, the can should connect with the closest object that can be fueled and give you the option to FUEL it. That's it!


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October 5, 2015 at 2:12 pm
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October 5, 2015 at 5:53 pm
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