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Hi there. So I'm back again after a long absence and have recently as of today started working at the S Mart. I had a chat to the manager Ridley and discussed with him the possibility of employees kicking A PERCENTAGE of their earnings on the job up to the boss. I mean, in keeping with realism that only seems right. It also strikes me as contradictory for lack of a better term that people are employed at the S Mart (in particular) and have the potential to reap stock and weapons and food and monies and so on and theoretically may in effect be harming S Mart's ability to trade by acting as direct competition. I understand that trade is important in generating role play, and this by no means detracts from that. Trade is still viable as the employees obviously get to keep the majority of their wage but a small or whichever percentage moves up the chain to those at the top. They're bosses after all. This also may help to dwindle some resources that some older or more active members get that have stated elsewhere on the forums they have generally speaking more items than they know what to do with so they end up giving things away. Rather than that, why aren't employees giving to their bosses? I mean without them you wouldn't have the opportunity to be there or potentially earning items you might not otherwise get and have to struggle for in the wild world, right?

Anyway, while I understand this may fly in the face of those that do want to stockpile for I don't know... a second Armageddon, I suggested this to Ridley who suggested it could be implemented as an option for those that want to do it, and let those that want to amass wealth for the sake of wealth to keep doing what they're doing unmolested. What the bosses then do with their stockpile is up to them; hold a drive once a month and barter with other factions or businesses in greater quantity perhaps for greater risks (imagine a deal gone sour for faction friction), or kick back to the employees at some end of the year function, like a Christmas Party or New Year's bonus... make it all a little worthwhile and realistic insofar as realism can be obtained in this medium.

And I don't mean it to be S Mart specific either. Think of the Dollhouse, too. Without drawing unwanted comparisons, aren't workers at the GH essentially call-girls of varying degrees? Call-girls have pimps or mistresses. Other stores, all store in fact, have the head-lessee. They foot the bill. Many are out of pocket. What do they get out of this but to watch their employees get rich off their backs. Hardly seems fair to the bosses, does it?

Does it make things slightly harder for the noobs like me starting at the start again? Yeah kind of. But isn't that the point? You're earning a wage, you're not share-holder of the company that you work for. If things come too easy people won't look for other odd jobs to fill the gap, or take the risk to engage the infected, or even approach other people as is the whole point of this/trading aspect of life in Arklay. For all the Help Wanted signs around, work is still needed, but people don't bother to check them out - there's 40+ people on sim most days which is more than enough you would think to fill the basic roles, but THEY DON'T HAVE TO WORK. Why? Maybe the 4,000 they just earned THIS week set them on the road to riches, especially when it's 'goodbye daily struggle, hello 60 meter mansion in the middle of a zombie Apocalypse'. I mean... really?? Ugh.

Anyway, it's just a thought is all! Thanks for hearing me out 🙂

March 19, 2017 at 5:39 am
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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