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syn wytchwood


The Watchmen
By Cobb Compton

FOUNDING MEMBERS: Cobb Compton, Jade (Lillajade.resident)

OVERVIEW: Formed as a security and peacekeeping force for the town, people and businesses of Arklay, the Watchmen serve to protect the town proper (the highlighted area on the Arklay map). Whether it’s raiders, burglers, serial killers or rapists, the objective is to maintain an atmosphere of safety in a time that has seen social and personal inhibitions decay badly. The Watchmen are not the arbiters of morality, except in the sense an action might pose a threat to the people, operations and businesses of Arklay. Like most in Arklay, the Watchmen have various backgrounds and experience. They are also equally flawed in minor, and some major ways. They have witnessed corruption and been corrupted. However, The Watchmen recognize the need for a secure environment, so that as many as possible can survive, and possibly thrive, during this apocalypse. That is the primary mission and purpose for being. In order to facilitate their work, close relations will be developed with the businesses of Arklay, as well as some groups beyond the town limits. A key location for developing leads and contacts will likely be Coaches, due to its location roughly in the center of town. Nobody will be neglected, however. Since there is no town council or particular laws currently, a priority on facilitating the development of such things IC’ly and OOC’ly, with participation of as many survivors as possible. *Initial operations will simply be patrols, getting to know people and locations, as well as enhance situational awareness. Exact laws, violations and whatever process will have to be developed by more than the Watchmen. Kali's old Arklay laws could serve as a guide. For now though we'll attempt to enforce against: Murder, Rape and Robbery.

POTENTIAL ENEMY: Most businesses and several groups would initially serve as Allies, such as AES, the Eights, Aegis and ATC. The plan is to contact and nurture these relationships. Plans can go astray, however. Potential enemies include lawless groups from beyond the fringe, individuals bent on chaos or personal gain at radically selfish levels, or political enemies looking to cut some bitches to advance their agenda. Of course, there are also wild things and the infected to consider.

EXPERIENCE:Cobb Compton I have experience developing both RP groups as well as entire sims. Given the need for antagonists - good damn antagonists - to provide outlets for big damn heroes to RP, that is where much of my experience originates. However, I have also RP’ed significantly as part of a team to accomplish security-oriented goals. I have been doing this on SecondLife for a long time. Many years. Much of it has been in SciFi sims such as Firefly, (various sims), Botany Bay, and Al Raqis. Jade (liliajade): I have been in outbreak for almost a year and am very active. I used to run the Howlers here in Arkley but closed it when Jade had a change of heart and wanted to become the good guy. Everyone in the Howlers decided the change was for the good so we set out on our new endeavor. While the Howlers are still active in Arkley, they no longer cling to the name or their old ways. A new start for everyone has been good. I want to support Cobb in the watchmen because it makes sense for that to be my characters next move in her ever evolving story line. Bad girl gone good, wanting to make Arkley better for all. I have been an admin on a few sims and owned my own sim at one point. My heart is in Arkley and to get the Watchmen up and active again is something I have considered for a long time now. Since Tira had to leave for real life, it has not taken off again and is a necessity for Arkleys safety and continued growth. Long live the founder!

IDEAS:The attraction of the Watchmen is primarily being a good bad guy, or bad good guy, depending on ones bent. It is a fairly open group that will defend with loyalty its members that do not operate beyond the pale. It aims to be a fun group, mixing both opportunities for individual and group RP. It will also involve creative characters in many confrontational, memorable scenes. Of course, one of tasks will also be to help orient new players too, get them to the shelter, provide direction, etc.

We all have demons, I just choose to embrace mine.

October 5, 2017 at 11:20 am
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October 5, 2017 at 11:59 am
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"I'll show you another dream the next night"

October 5, 2017 at 12:26 pm
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October 5, 2017 at 12:55 pm
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it's a crazy, dangerous world out there. It also holds beauty beyond compare... don't dream it, live it, if you dare...

October 5, 2017 at 1:00 pm
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