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sylvannas zulaman


Name: Angela Z.
Age: 20
Role: Healer

Angela was a medicine student when the Outbreak begun. She promptly volunteered at the hospital to help. Though any basic guide about infections will tell you that you should avoid any medical center at all costs. Going to a hospital during a contagion outbreak is like waking into a forest fire covered in gasoline.

Fortunately she managed to stay safe for a few days before the place was overrun. A group of soldiers organized three escape buses and everyone that was not contaminated had a go. Even though no one there was bitten, someone started convulsing, showing signs of the infection. Angela tried to help but her tongue came in contact to contaminated blood during the process and, to avoid spreading the virus she had a choice to cut it off or be killed. She didn't have enough time to decide, soon the soldiers forced a doctor to cut off her tongue and tonsils, making her not able to speak anymore.

Angela learned sign language in a few months, as for studied as much as she could to compensate the fact that she didn't finish medicine school. She was able to learn a lot from the few alive medics in the group, as from the soldiers too.

The group, that was now reduced to half of a bus, established camp far from the urban centers, in a place that seemed to be quiet. There the soldiers expected new orders for evacuation and rendezvous point. They stayed there for a week before a big mass of infected wandered towards their camp and killed almost every survivor, but Angela. Lucky enough, she was far gathering a few herbs and was not caught.

Now the woman wanders, as quiet as she can be, helping those in need.

April 7, 2017 at 12:03 pm
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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