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The Dollhouse: Flesh Auction

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Sat, Apr 08 @ 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Dollhouse Graphic (resized)

The Dollhouse: Flesh Auction

:: Who? ::
Hosted and Sponsored by the The Dollhouse

:: When? ::
Saturday, 8 April 2017 @ 4pm SLT

:: Where? ::
Outbreak – The Dollhouse (

:: Why? ::
The Dollhouse has come under new ownership. Donovan Sulija, has offered many delights to the people as a means to introduce the city to the new staff and all its delights. This is a chance for the people to learn what the Dollhouse actually offers to the city, to meet officially its owner, and to partake in the delights of the establishment, under the guise of Anonymity.

::What is expected::
The Dress code for this occasion is formal (or as formal as you can manage). Masks are required for all auctionees but not for normal participants. Masks are there to protect the modesty and identities of those who would normally not be associated with such festivities, or such an establishment as the Dollhouse.

:::No weapons will be allowed by any guest. Weapons will be reserved for security services who will be on standby for the event.:::

The Event will feature many forms of entertainment, drinks, and services offered by the Dollhouse itself. Workers of the Dollhouse will be garbed in their mostly leather and lace lingerie to properly identify them from other independent prostitutes that may be roaming about the district. All are welcome to partake in the delicacies that will be provided, as well as the normal services available for other business transactions. All normal Dollhouse Service prices for this event will be discounted. Other Services such as food drink or drugs will be at the discretion of the providers.

The Main attraction of the event will be a flesh auction. Only those guests who are masked may be auctioned, but all citizens may bid in the auction. Those who win the bids for the auction will win the auctioned party as a date for the evening, and one free lust and thrust service to accompany the prize. Once an auction is won, neither the Auctionee or Bidder may be auctioned or bid a second time. All transactions are final.

::: OOC NOTES for the Auction :::

The Auction is NOT mandatory to participate in the event. However, to keep from having others abuse this system, only those who have masks will be auctioned off. Masks will be pre-purchased at the Dollhouse, and Donovan will be keeping track of who is actually participating and who has won who. Winners of auctions will not be eligible for bids after their win an auction. Players who have been auctioned may not be auctioned again or bid on any other participant. This auction is to promote more roleplay with the players, other businesses and the Dollhouse.


:: Masks ::
Masks will be utilized to protect the privacy of those being Auctioned off. As the use of Masks are normally outlawed within the town, this is how we will identify those being auctioned off to the townsfolk. Before the auction starts, they will have the chance to mingle with the guests, but their identities will remain a closely guarded secret. No other guests should be wearing Masks.

:: Currency ::
For this event we will be utilizing the Outbreak $HUD. Roleplay currency is not going to factor into this. For this Event, you are only as rich and wealthy as your HUD allows you to be. All transactions will be made with $HUD.

:: Point(s) of Contact ::

If you are interested in helping with this event, participating in the Auction, or generally have any questions, find/Message Donovan Sulija (Malkaia.Askari) in world.

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