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Back Again, Back Again…

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October 24th, 2016. Monday.

March. That’s when I was here last. I got taken in fucking March. And they didn’t send anyone to look for me… I mean I don’t really blame them. To them I’m just some random girl that was in charge of the Dollhouse for .2 seconds and bitched a lot. But who wants to spend their 20th birthday in literal chains? I spent mine doing that and getting beat. And burned. And raped. And cut. The grenade didn’t kill enough of them apparently. I’m just kinda shocked that no one even came after me. No one asked questions. Feels like no one cared. I went to the old apartment first. Then the cabin. Both empty. Abandoned. My and Lina’s stuff was moved out. Brett’s still missing or whateverthefuck. Lina’s nowhere to be found. I spent much of the day fighting off a hoard at the hospital. I spent the rest of it exploring the residential suburban neighborhood nearby I had never bothered to give a shit about before. Seems like a pretty nice neighborhood.


I went over to the Dollhouse and asked for my old job back. Missy’s in charge now. The most she gave me was manager. manager. I outqualify literally everyone who works there to run that place. I figured she at least would’ve let me co-run it or something. It felt weird. But it was satisfying being there again. We have a proper whore there now. And an actual guard. Y’know, it’s gonna be coming up on two years soon. Two years since the apocalypse. It’s getting close to Halloween again. I remember the Dollhouse Halloween party. And that dream I had… where it was like Arklay was overrun. And everyone was dead. And I had to kill Brett. It was weird. I hated it.

I didn’t leave any survivors this time. I was the only prisoner they had. There weren’t that many of them. Six or seven. I was stuck with them for months. Seven fucking months. And no one came to look. No one asked questions. Well… I suppose that’s my fault. I didn’t exactly leave anything that said where I was going. I killed ’em all this time. One by one. Slit the guard’s throat. Got his key. Let myself out… Killed them all. They won’t find me ever again. No one will find me this time.