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Arklay Island

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I’ve been scowering the land for weeks upon weeks before I arrived at a very large bridge with a tunnel. I had weighed against going there, but from the signs of it, there were supposed to be other survivors and since my last group didn’t make it for as long as I did, I figured I could check it out, if only for the supplies at least. Of course once I crossed the bridge I arrived upon Arklay, and there many more survivors than I had initially anticipated. I went to the shelter, had myself checked over by a nurse, just a common and regular bite check since the whole infection started spreading, everybody seems to be asking about it now. Also got a small welcome basket from the shelter, a bottle of water and grilled fish, so well needed after basically being malnourished for days. Finally I’ll be able to get some bed rest too, they look like army bunk beds, nothing I’m not used to sleeping on anyways, I served quite some time in the marine corps.