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Is It REALLY Safe?

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Well, here I am.


Not sure what all I’ve gotten myself into here. Breakin one of my own rules about stickin it out in a town. But I’m tired of bein on my own. Been too long since I’ve talked to anyone really. Figured it out bout five seconds after entering that I was gonna have to learn how to live with people all over again.

At least these people aren’t like the rest. No whinin and complainin about how hard it is. Just people tryin to stick it out together. Maybe this’ll work out and I won’t have to be alone anymore.

Still though. Gonna keep my guard up and my pack packed in case something doesn’t smell right to me or this place gets overrun. I’ve seen other places people had tried to do the same and it didn’t work out.

Well, not much else to say just yet.