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Day One

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Jan 31st 2017

Just arrived to Arklay  Breathing the fresh cold sea air as I walk across the bridge. I saw some signs Shelter this way and I walk seeing a what looks to be Hospital all bang up and everything broken wall and holes in the building the place look like its been a war zone in Baghdad Iraq. Anyways I hand my pistol to the guard outside and talk to a lady that offered some advice and car package with a Apple and some cat food small tin, Oh hell i ate worst then that on the road to here. I dig into  some rubble on the way into town and look and behold I found a wallet with some cash.  I as continue to walk down the mangy road  I stop at the General store… I’m like great maybe they have sime supplies I need and walk in no one was around but I did see help wanted sign and i filled out a Application for a job and now I just wait and see. I’m looking forward to my new home here at Arklay and my new life.