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It happened again

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There I was, starting my shift at the Pub, mopping, dusting and performing to my non existent crowd. Just as I finished and and took a seat behind the bar, he showed up again.

Wasn’t the first time I’ve seen him but this time he was a little more engaged.. He asked for water, I handed it over.. Then the strangest thing.. he sniffed me… started calling me Poms, said he hated bees and asked if I was a witch… after assuring him I was not that he seemed to ease down a bit. However still very skiddish.. I can’t quite pinpoint what’s happening to him or what his issue is. Its surely something though… Can’t even get the guy to put a shirt on… go figure.. Hope he lasts longer than the others have..



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    January 25, 2017

    I love this. What a great story in the day-to-day haps around Arklay.