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Fight Night

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welcome to fightnight607

Well.. its the day.

We been planning this for weeks and its finally here. Fight Night. I hope it’ll bring in a crowd. Aint worth gettin’ yer ass kicked if no ones around to see it.

I caught a glimpse of the guy Im up against.. big dude.. bout as big as my eldest brother, Darrel. Darrel used to hit like a truck.. but he was slow. Lets hope this Daniel guy is just as slow. I know I should probably be nervous.. or something.. but to tell ya the truth Diary.. Im just itchin to get in there and let off a little steam. Between the quiet of everyday life and the few frustrations that have popped up recently.. it’ll be good to unleash .. even if it means gettin my ass handed to me on a platter. Cant no one say I dont know how to take a hit.

Only two hours left to go.. I should probably head on down to the amusement park and see if Marcus needs help setting up. Heres to blowing off steam. xo