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[[All entries are assumed to be written in Russian. For the sake of this Journal the entries are translated into English so the players can follow the story as it progresses.]]

March 16…

Five mouths to feed…

Today was actually really quiet. I spent nearly all day in the wilderness, tracing back my steps to that place. That place where I’ll have to take Amber, force Jade to face the thing she fears most. I while I did find the place, I also discovered something there that I really didn’t expect to find. It was.. actually very harrowing. I mean, I knew they were fast.. but shit. It almost got me that time. I’ve never doubted myself before, but if I’m wrong about this, it could be trouble. I managed to chain it in that place.. Yeah.. those are going to hold. Anyway, I got away from there, and I could hear it screaming for a long while as I was leaving. If I stayed any longer, probably would have attracted the Horde. Good thing that’s not what I did.

When I got back to the City, I went back to work. Concerning enough, I hadn’t seen too much of anyone. I assumed they were all off doing their own things. I’ll see them at home. One of the guys, Red, the one that hired me for the last job, showed up. Said he had something to show me. We went back to the office, and he brought in a bag full of communication devices. Old Taxi dispatcher type of things it looked like. If they’re functional, then may distribute them to the Runners. The girls don’t need things like this, the Clients won’t trust them if that’s the case. Hard enough to get people to leave the gated part of the city to even come back here, and if you add surveillance to it.. people will learn likely not to trust this place, if they don’t trust me already. Still, seems I’ll have to deploy representatives to actually speak for me. Since I seem to intimidate people.. to the point that everyone in the city that I’ve met likes to greet me with threats and guns. Yeah, it still happens. No matter.

What I did find when we came out of the meeting, was a package. Chazov told me that someone came by and dropped it off. Unexpected packages usually mean trouble, but I had Chaz describe the person that delivered it. Sounded a lot like the same guy that approached me before. If it was the same person, then I could wager a guess as to who sent the package. What I found was a few sets of lingerie, still with tags and all, in pretty damn good condition given the state of the world. There was also a box of cosmetics; nail polish, lipsticks and a few other things that I can’t make sense of. I’m sure the Dolls will recognize and take what they need anyway. I’m not even going to try to make sense of what some of these things are for. They look painful, but whatever floats their boats. The last box, I should have expected to see. Condoms. Yeah, pregnant workers can’t work. Loss of profits there.

Still, when I was done examining the package, I found an envelope in there. There was a note written in some pretty fancy handwriting. “For your girls,” it read. Just as I thought, the signature on it:  “The Founder.” Seems we’re being noticed, and the man, woman, ghost, organization.. whatever it is that the Founder is, has made an investment in the business. I’ve been on the receiving end of these things before. Investments and expected returns. Whether this was the case or not had yet to be proven, but the cash in the envelope suggested so. Still, Lyon was there, I told her what had just been delivered. We went home.

I hadn’t seen anyone today. Not Kitten, not Danya, not Raevan, not even Amber. That’s mildly concerning to me. Even as I write this, there’s someone knocking on my door, but I’m still too tired to answer it. Its been a long day. Lyon is awake.. She’ll deal with it. She knows where the crossbow is.. and the shotgun. I’m going to sleep.

Donovan… out..