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My First Staff Meeting!

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So today I was just at work, doing the usual, checking stock, cleaning, filing, reading charts. When Steph lets me know that Kay and all the other AES staff were upstairs having a meeting! Well you can guess that I hightailed it up there right away!

A lot of the people there I hadn’t seen before, perhaps we were on different shifts? The only ones I recognized were Kay, Ben and Lyon. At some point I should really try and get to know these other staff members, its good to have a healthy relationship with co-workers. That being said, perhaps I could suggest to Kay about having a staff party/get together, wouldnt that be fun?

So Kay explained through protocols and other information that we all needed to know, also we get our own ID tags now! Thats pretty awesome! Now people will KNOW who is who here! And not to brag or anything, but my ID photo came out really good! Surprising since the first time Kay took the picture I blinked like a retard!

Anyway, it was pretty interesting, and Kay also gave us all candy and water afterwards, what a score! 😀