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Open Season

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[[All entries are assumed to be written in Russian. For the sake of this Journal the entries are translated into English so the players can follow the story as it progresses.]]

March 9…

Five mouths to feed.

I got to work early today and was heading out for the supplies whole Lyon and the others were sleeping. A bit of scavenging proved pretty profitable this morning, but not as much as would like. So many people picking at this city, like vultures picking at a corpse, its a wonder anything can get done, or anything can be found. Would need supplies for the Hunt anyway, but.. as I headed to the hospital to see about medical supplies, some guy came running passed me. Seemed to be in a hurry so I didn’t pay that any mind. However, I found something else in the process. Jade was outside, tending to a man, unconscious and bleeding all over the place. While I didn’t know or care what happened, the military attire gave it away just about. Jade confirmed that it was the target, and the opportunity knocked. Needless to say, I completed the job after we got the man in the hospital. Simply told the client where he was, and received my pay for the job. It wasn’t much, but it was better than the luck I had been having thus far.

From there, I went back to the trailer and checked on Lyon and Raevan. Once they were up, dressed and fed, I decided to take them on a tour of the city. The most important places at least. The diner and the Pub were the first two places to go. They needed to know where to get fed, and while I would Rather avoid that Pub, Jade works there, so we don’t have much a choice in that respect, as if we don’t keep checking on her, she’s going to get into trouble. We did do just that though, and where she was happy at first, that mouth of hers started to pop off again. I took a break while they were all talking while she was waiting, zone out sort of, but didn’t have any inputs to the conversation. Lyon and Jade were arguing, submissive squabbles as far as I’m concerned, but one of the patrons there, he threw what seemed to be a severed cock at Jade. Seriously, what type of person walks around with cocks on a necklace? Yeah things were already turning, for the worst, and that was before the guy turned around and noticed me. Still, he decided to speak to the girls instead of me. Insults galore. He definitely had some balls, but then most people do before they realize that they aren’t the only predator in the jungle. His name is easy to remember, Rudolf, promptly dubbed “Reindeer man.” Apparently was in some prison before the outbreak and managed to survive that chaos and bust out. He’s cute, if nothing more. Cute like a pup growling at their Alpha before promptly being put in their place. Maybe he could be useful if he reigns it in a bit.. at least when he’s dealing with me.

We traded a few insults, yet we didn’t raise our voices once. It was actually pretty refreshing to find someone that could dish it and take it. Maybe we’ll laugh it off later. What he said to me before he left proves that much. He had a few redeeming qualities, but as long as he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, he’d be useful. We’ll just have to see if he’s sloppy or efficient in said usefulness. Still, we were on our way out, when Evangeline walked in. Apparently she only heard what Lyon said to Jade, before she lost her fucking mind. Not only did she yell at all of us, she turned around and spoke down to me as though she were holier than though, or had some sort of Lordship over any of us. Who the fuck did this little bitch think she was? Who the fuck was she talking to? Still, things just went to hell from there. Jade, Lyon and Raeven all seemed to freeze when I took off my Glasses. What was with these fucking women and showing off for their friends. Evangeline was showing out in front of her new boy toy to be certain.. mainly because she wanted the attention. She gets me a ‘gift’ then thinks she can speak to me however she wants.. She thinks she can disrespect my family then walk away unscathed? The same family she was so adamant about being part of, before she abandoned everyone and ran away… again? Loyalty is a foreign concept to her apparently. If she wanted my attention, she has it now.

Jade tried to stop me. She knew what was coming. Some dumb ass woman at the end of the bar, pulled a Shotgun on me, though i wasn’t too worried, as I was standing behind Evangeline’s new boy toy, so if she was dumb enough to fire, he would have taken the majority of the spread from the shells. These fucking women and their guns. Still, Jade managed to get that bitch taken care of, and Evangeline jumped over the counter before I could reach her, then ran off. She made a point to try to justify her behavior, and make excuses and back pedal of course.. but its far too late for her. I am not about to sit around and suffer another insult from this little Jezebel. She’s running now.. She’d better keep running. No where is safe for her. She can lord her friendships with the club owners and managers all she likes.. They will not be there to protect her. She thinks she can run from a fight that she started? No. She started this mess, and I’m going to make sure its finished.

Open Season…