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[[All entries are assumed to be written in Russian. For the sake of this Journal the entries are translated into English so the players can follow the story as it progresses.]]

March 17…

Nothing too special to right here today, except we managed to get Jade to confront her demons finally. It took her to actually see Amber’s shambling Zombie, ready to kill her for it to happen. That screaming, mutated corpse, that I didn’t expect to find there when we went. However, it worked out to our favor. Jade couldn’t run this time.. She couldn’t just up and leave, no matter how angry, no matter how much she hated me. She needed to do it. Of course, as usual, I was accused of -knowing- she would turn. Right? When I want someone dead, I make sure they stay dead.. but in this case, we didn’t have that luxury. Still, wasn’t surprising that she’d try to reason with the corpse. They both needed to see it.. her and her alter ego. Whatever the case.. something clicked in there with those two.. and we barely managed to get out before the horde came crashing out of the door to that old manor. Chain was locked into the gate, it may not hold forever, but it gave us enough time to get away.

We came home, we ate. I showered, I slept, and Jade came home. Amber came home. We’re giving her one last chance. I don’t know what will happen, though I’m actually glad to say I was wrong about this one. Either Jade died, Amber died, or both died, was my prediction. A fourth outcome, they both managed to find some common ground after seeing the shambling corpse. I really dislike referring to a dead woman as though she were still alive, but for Jade, I’m willing to make this happen. If it keeps that woman under control, then I’m satisfied. There’s still the issue of her interest in Cas. I like the man, enough to extend a place.. a permanent place in our family if he accepts. I just never had to deal with another sharing someone sworn to me. Its new, but it’s life. It was bound to happen sooner or later.. Not sure how it will work out in the future, but we’ll see.

I’m just glad that the family is back together, even if there’s a tag-along in Jade’s head. Things can only get better from here.