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The Devil’s Path

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[[All entries are assumed to be written in Russian. For the sake of this Journal the entries are translated into English so the players can follow the story as it progresses.]]

April 2…

Two things in particular to note.

I learned when I went into the Dollhouse, that AJ (Amber-Jade) and Danya had a scuffle. I managed to overhear part of their conversation before Danya stormed out and basically told her to fuck off. Danya has been making progress in recovering her ability to speak. I suspected she could speak, but I have the proof of it now. Still, when she stormed off, AJ just looked at me and told me she would fix it. I gave her a day. Needless to say, it didn’t get fixed. Later on, Danya explained to me what was going on. While I knew AJ was acting strange, I didn’t expect her to go this far. She did push the idea that she should be a manager in the Dollhouse, and I told her every reason why I wouldn’t make her a Manager at current. Needless to say, despite my reasoning, NO ONE, and I do mean NO ONE enters the business and gets a manager position right off the bat. EVERYONE has to work for that position, including family. So, what did AJ do? She joined the Howlers. What was worse about it? She was recruiting my workers. MY workers. Whatever drug she’s on, I want some of it, because it must have her on mars or some fucking place. In what world does she live, where she thinks this was a good idea? Worse, she knew I was planning an event.. Treachery is suspected. Naturally she walked in, just in time to hear Danya tell me everything. One of the workers she was recruiting, also told me her own involvement in this plot. Whether she was trying to dismantle my plans, hurt my business, or is doing this for some fucking attention, doesn’t matter now. I told her, “Check” she said “mate” and that she was Cashing out. Too late to Cash out. Five clicks, Russian Roulette.

What was her answer to that? Leave. No, this wasn’t Amber in control… This was Jade. No one can tell who she is anymore. Which one she will be when we see her. What I can tell is they’re both on the same side, and they both have just made a very fatal mistake. Not in leaving me.. I expected that. They both have a habit of running from their problems, a habit of shitting on everything around them, and instead of cleaning up their mess, leaving it for others to pick up. This time, I won’t be there to fix her mess. This time I won’t be there to save her when shit hits the fan. She had the nerve to say she was trying to save me? Me? The girl couldn’t save herself from herself, let alone me from anything else in the city. She chose her fate. She chose the Howlers over our Family. Ten fucking years, everything we went through.. and just like that, she can just walk away. Just like that. Asking me not to make her my enemy? The moment she pulled this shit, she became my enemy. Just like Dale, just like Marcus: She wanted to summon the fucking devil. She succeeded. Everything that comes after this, will be of her own doing.

Why wasn’t Baymo included in that rant? Believe it or not, I am more reasonable than I’m given credit. I actually sat down and had a chat with her. I offered her a chance to end our conflict without further bloodshed. The city is far too small to withstand a war if this magnitude. One already went down… Normally I’d keep going.. Two down.. Five down.. Until the only person remaining was the last piece on the board. Her however, I gave this chance. We agreed that she would take this deal, and things will go back to normal. Blood was spilled, and someone needed to pay for that. Rudolf comes out of his coma, he takes his position back like nothing ever happened. I however, am still out a worker. She took the deal, but again decided that she couldn’t control what Marcus and Dale was doing. That is understandable. Things will go back to normal, once she upholds her end of the bargain. Rudolf’s privileges in the Dollhouse, or around it, have been revoked. Next time she wants to speak to me, she will have to do so in person.. Sort of how I did with her, three.. no… four times now. She may not have liked the terms, she didn’t have to. This was what I wanted. This is what was going to happen. The only thing that remains is to remove the self-proclaimed King and Queen from the board. The pawns mean nothing, their moves are predictable.

Only a fool enters this game, without knowing anything about their opponent. What do I know abut them? Quite a bit at this point, enough that I can predict what moves they will make. They see only one thing and one thing alone. That narrow-mindedness is exactly the thing that I will take advantage of. Now it begins…

Second Rule when dealing with the devil… It is better to be his right hand, than to be in his path.