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Day 853: A Fun Day

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April 13, 2017

  • Weapon(s): SIG P226
  • Ammo: Handgun Ammo x15
  • Food: Canned food x2

love the rain. No, really. It’s a free shower, and it washes away the zombie-stench.. At least for awhile. The only thing that sucks about the rain is man made; my clothes being wet, my straps getting wet… And when it gets cold or too humid, I suppose.

I started the day with more drills, scavenged a bit, bought some apples. It was a slow day, that I enjoyed fully. It’s been a long time since I had consistent, calm days; even while enjoying this I worry that it could make me soft if I stay too long. The itch isn’t strong, but it’s there all the same. Being around people, civilization, has always been hard. It got harder after I got out of the military, and it hasn’t improved since the outbreak.

My eyes are almost healed up, maybe another day or two before the swelling is gone altogether. My ankle’s almost 100% too, which is good. I’ve been itching to go out further and explore more, but a wise man once told me to rest when I could so I could run when I have to. It’s good advice.

Eat, sleep, fuck while you can.
Because you never know when the world will split open and swallow your life whole.

Stay sharp, stay alive