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House Wins

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[[All entries are assumed to be written in Russian. For the sake of this Journal the entries are translated into English so the players can follow the story as it progresses.]]

April 6…

The Howlers are really starting to become a problem. I can’t tell if its because Jade is with them, or if they’re just trying to make a name for themselves by coming after me, but one thing is for sure, they crossed the line by going after Danya. I don’t know if Jade had anything to do with it, but I can believe she’s the reason that Danya went missing. She comes up, got one of her little minions with her, and immediately that bitch puts her hand on her gun. I should be flattered, that people are so fearful of me before I get a chance to speak, that they feel the need to always have their hand on a gun, or a gun aimed at me. I should be flattered, but right now, I’m fed up. I gave her one warning, she refused to move her hand, so I aimed a shotgun at her head, and she changed her tone. Hostile, she said. Just like these women to start shit, then blame the big bad Russian for finishing what they start. Give me a reason.

Jade apparently came there to tell me that Danya was missing. If she knew Danya was missing, I can guarantee she had something to do with it. Conversation didn’t last long. She still thinks she’s part of the family that she walked out on. She can believe it all she likes. She wanted me to have a private conversation with her. No. She doesn’t deserve that, after all she did. She broke every rule this family has. She has the nerve to say she loves me, but disrespects me at every turn of her head. Just the fact that she brought her trigger-happy lackey with her shows how much “respect” she had for me. Now I have to find Danya, before she goes stupid again. Give me a reason.

When I finally found Danya, it was at some old bunker near the trailer in the woods. Smart. Not too far from home, so she could see who came and went. Not too far from town, so she could go get supplies and leave again. It was the gunshot that led me there though. When I got there, who did I see, but Jade, and that crazy bitch that she brought with her last time. There was no doubt about it, she wasn’t so tough once she realized I was blocking her only exit out. I let them go, and Jade once again, threw the Howlers in my face. She brought them into this mess, and then begged me not to hurt them? I told her to go back to her fucking leash holder and tell him to stay the fuck out of my way. They don’t want to get hurt, then stop throwing your face in the fire. It took everything i had not to just kill her then and there. Its probably what she wants right now, but I’m not going to let her die. Don’t tempt me though. Give me a reason.

She came back the next day, while I was getting ready for an impromptu event. This girl is persistent. Wanted to waste more time explaining to me what I already knew. Talking about how the Howlers are after me; a problem that she caused, and about how they will go after the family and she doesn’t want to do it anymore. Another problem that she caused. What it boils down that she put on a pair of shoes that were too big. She handed her leash over to someone else, and that someone else threw her into the fire. She tested herself and she can’t stand the heat. She’s in trouble again, and this time, I’m not there to save her. She wanted to stand on her own, she wanted to learn to walk on her own.. she’s going to have to dig herself out. She wanted to know what I wanted to fix the problem. If she really wanted to fix the shit she started, she would have already done it. She didn’t need my permission to start this mess, why does she need my permission to fix her own shit? I told her four times before now. I did not ask for an alliance with the Howlers. I didn’t tell her to go to them. I didn’t tell her to join them. I didn’t tell her to let them fucking brand her. I didn’t tell her to do anything with them. I didn’t attack their people, or go to their doorstep. She is forcing this fucking issue, and she’s going to have to lay in the bed she made. If she weren’t spending all her fucking time trying to get me to talk to her, she could have been focused on actually doing something about the pile of rotten shit she’s been sleeping in for the past two weeks. Sent her off.. she didn’t leave. Whatever. I had other things to do. If she really wanted this to end, then she would end it. She has so much power in the Howlers after all. That’s what she said. if she had the power to do something about it she wouldn’t be begging me to meet their demands. Fuck them. There are no negotiations. They either do as I say, or this will end in blood and fire. Give me a reason.

After i got back from picking up the attraction for the night, I wasn’t surprised to see none other than Dale, and a few of Baymo’s workers in the parlor. What’s worse, Dale immediately asked, “when does the bidding start?” This is why I am so careful with information. I didn’t tell anyone about this deal. I didn’t even tell my own people. No one had any clue that something was happening, until I told them, an hour before it was scheduled to go down. Even then, I didn’t tell them what exactly was happening. So how did Dale know what was happening before anyone else knew what was happening? That’s simple. Baymo told her. She probably told everyone that showed up. Suppose I am the only one who understands the importance of operational security. That’s fine. She showed her cards before the game was over, and she’s the one that paid for it. Now.. there’s the matter of how many other deals she’s trying to cheat me out of. In the end, we made over $600 off of her Auction. I gave her half, as per the standard of the auctions, and I made sure she understood. Despite her trying to cheat me out of the game. House Wins.

The only thing left to do, is wait.. Moves have been made, all bets are in, and the die has been cast. The eyes of the devil are upon them… House rules… House wins.