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Kids these days…

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Kids these days… you just don’t see them.  I keep going over it in my head.  Where are they all?  Did they seriously just lack the ability to make it?  Kinda makes me think back to all the precautions people used to take.  Plugging in those little plastic things into outlets.  Locking cabinet doors… hiding poisons and pills out of reach.  Carseats and helmets for biking, skating… hell everything.

I remember when skinning my elbow after falling was a big deal.  Broken bones were the worst!  Being sick was whine worthy and now I’m sitting here thinking… what if all of these precautions that we took made us weak and wiped out the biggest part of the population.   Maybe it used to be an elimination of stupidity, the unlucky, the weak that kept folks beefy and thriving.

Also… it’s hit me that, I’m not going to have the luxury of disposable diapers.  Not for long anyways.  I’m going to have to wash turd clothes and soap up piss stains.  I’ll be pulling some crazy Little House on the Prairie shit up in here.  Wild Westing  it with little Cake.

Cupcake.  LOL

Daniels mostly gone now too, he comes around when I’m not there, pretty sure he’s just openly avoiding me.  It’s not like I’m trying to saddle the guy with responsibilities or even finger him as the father.  We still have work to do, and I’m still busting my ass to get stuff done.  But if he’s going to keep avoiding me it’s going to take a lot longer to get shit done.

Plus Amy came at me last night about the idea of takin a trip on to see about a cure.  I confided in her because she seems to have her head on straight.  But really, I think we should go just to see what they got.  I don’t really buy into the cure b.s. but if they got stuff that we need as a community, I want a chance at it.  If they’re trying to bait and lure us in for something nasty, or even set us up for an attack… I think we owe it to ourselves to get our licks in first.

Arklay is worth fighting for even if I don’t necessarily agree with everything what goes on.  Folks leave me be mostly… and for that I’m pretty damned thankful.  I don’t really want for anything anymore.  Cept for stupid shit like… oh man… vanilla wafers and banana pudding.  With a heap of whipped cream on top.  That would be badass.  Maybe some fresh blueberries too.  My mom…

Man if she could see me now.  I still don’t know if she’d be shaken, or proud of what I’ve done, who I’ve become.  But at least I’m still fighting to keep going.


~ Cake ~



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    April 13, 2017

    I honestly didn’t think about that… Kids in the apocalypse. That’s sad, and true. 😐 Awesome post.