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Honey Monster

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People here keep on telling me I need to get a gun and I’m kinda thinking they’re probly right.

Coz yesterday I saw this turkey. I’m pretty sure it was a turkey. It was just like standing there. Looking all stupid and everything. Oh my gosh! I mean how difficult can it be to catch a stupid turkey already? I’m pretty sure they can’t even fly or anything. But there I was, scrabbling around like something even stupider than a stupid bird. Soo embarrassing! Luckily I don’t think anyone saw me.

And then there was that thing with the rots… two of them! Was probly still on a  sugar high from all that honey I’d found and scoffed, so didn’t run away, but oh my gosh, come on already! I limped away with a stinky pack of rotting meat and had to crash for like ever to recover.

So yeah, thinking I deff need more than just my knife. Just not sure about the whole gun thing, I mean guns are like totally it, I get that, but they’re like way too noisy. Talk about shouting out where you are so everyone can hear you! So I’m thinking maybe a bow of some kind. Though a pistol could be kinda cool too. For emergencies and stuff.

So coz since I pretty much lost all my stuff I spose I’m gonna have to start over and get cash. At least until I got enough stuff to move on. I wonder how much I can get for that can of diesel I found…