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Square One

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Ufff… Did the walkabout. Not good. Slept in some abandoned houses, stayed clear of the ones that looked like they had people coz, you know, the more like isolated they are, the weirder they tend to get, right? But yeah, no obvious way off this place apart from the bridge. I mean, there’s boats and stuff, but they’re all kinda owned and guarded, so no good for a solo runner. Still need a plan B.

Limped back totally knackered. Kinda almost felt good to be back you know. The woman at the hospital was super kind, like seriously super kind. She was pregnant too! Like what’s that about! But now that I think about it, I’m thinking that that pusher at the Doll House was pregnant too… which is really kinda wow, right?

There was this guy there too, security or something. Seen him around a couple of times since, he keeps looking at me, kinda checking me out. And I’m thinking he thinks I’m a girl, but I can’t work out if he’s like thinking I really am, or he’s just one of those that kinda don’t care and just wanna pretend. So hate it when that happens. Gonna have to say something or it could get messy. Maybe if he’s at the caff when no one else’s around.

Been helping out at the caff, not like actually working, but just doing stuff. Not seen Anna, hope she’s okay. Kinda hoping that when she’s back, she’ll take me on. Fingers crossed, right?