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Walk About

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Okies… so I’m like still totally in two minds about this place. Stuff’s kinda okay here, you know, when you think about it, I guess, compared to other stuff anyways. But it’s an island, right? And that means one way on and one way off, and that kinda worries me big time.Coz that’s like one huge great big corner. And getting stuck in a corner is like a seriously bad thing. Been there. Seen it. Done it. So I’m gonna do like a recce. Take a couple of days to properly check this place out.
Saved some stuff to eat, got some arrows, so yeah, gonna explore the island some, you know, find a good hiding place, maybe see if there’s like even a canoe or something, you know, that I can stash or whatever, in case it does all go tits up. Thinking I should probly be able to do it in a couple of days… maybe three, fingers crossed right? Kinda worried about what I’m gonna find out there. Rots I can kinda cope with I guess, but it’s dogs… angry hungry dogs… Oh my gosh but that seriously stresses me out.