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Long Travels

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7 to 8 Months on the road, far from Arklay, my current home, least in this Wasteland of the Apocalypse. I’ve always drifted, my entire life, up until this moment, I’ve drifted, to many countries, and just about all 50 states. I was born in England, and ran from home, drifting around on the sea, and ending up in New York, where I found my true family. I’ve said all this before, so it’s besides the point. I left Arklay, me and Eithan both, in pursuits of building our number, building a stockpile of weapons and other assortments. And now, we enter the outskirts of the city, expecting the same things, but seeing a lot has changed. So, now that we’re home, after all this time, we’re going to build it again. DoH, our family, will be whole, again. Here we go again, *he grins*.