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The New Cop Jackson “Jax” Briggs

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Hello! Yes! Yes! You reading… Don’t click the X on this page just yet…. *cracks his knuckles before he goes to typing a book about his RP character and how badass and hung like a horse his character is without actually talking about how hung his character is, but more so badass he is*

Ever before Jax joined the Watchmen, he had a dark past. A dark past a lot wouldn’t know, especially the new town of Arklay whom is a town of its former self, a shell of what was and used to be. Before the streets became survival, before the planes fell from the sky, and the plants started to die, before civilization narrowed down to a hairs breathe, there was a man named Jackson briggs (way before he took the name Jax).

Jackson was a criminal, a serial killer who killed many women by torture until they were on their last breath, and then strangling them to death with his bare hands until their life slipped away, and their eyes faded into darkness. Jackson would almost always dismember the bodies and dump them into compounds to be crushed, some would be burned, the drenching smell could be smelled a long ways from his cabin but most by passers just assumed it was just chemical experiments. Jackson would also have glass jars of heads in his basement, heads of victims who fought brave but in the end failed to survive and get away.  How did they allow such a man to take their life in the first place? Most women found Jackson attractive, his booming voice ranged loud, his alpha male and physique gave women in need hope, comfort, and once he got close, he struck.

What turned Jackson into being this evil one might ask? Jackson himself wouldn’t be able to say, but the cause could have been brought on by the wars he had fought, wars he where he had saw friends, loved ones perish by evil, the other faction. In the military there was a code of honor,  “You watch my back, I watch yours”, back in society, that code didn’t exist when Jax got out of the war discharged cause he had snapped and went mental, the people whom he killed, families, kids, animals, and the friends he had lost over WHAT?   Jackson was an outcast, no friends, no family, and people were afraid of him cause he was so hulking big, and built like a truck when he only needed a friend….

After the war, Jackson didn’t find those friends, didn’t have anyone to watch his back, couldn’t land a job, had no communication and went homeless. Living with animals for the most part of his 20’s, and learning how everyday is a struggle to survive, animals killing other animals to live whether it meant killing their own kind, their kids. Jackson grew angry, sharpening his skills, his hatred for the world was too much to hold back, his mental breakdowns from the war became a daily thing, and there was no one who would help.


Introducing a new killer:

Jackson met his first victim on the 4th Of July, a holiday and US tradition, she was a stripper who was down on her luck, struggling to pay for her college and resorted to stripping. More often than not, homeless people who were killed or died were quickly forgotten, no one cares for them, and same with hookers, at first Jackson didn’t have plans on killing her, but after getting her to come to a makeshift cabin he had built in the woods, she came and then out from her purse drew pepper spray and a knife to stab him in which she succeeded. Why did she do this one might ask? Probably because he was homeless, and a nobody. Jax would fall to the floor in pain, and agony as she went into the bedroom, and went through his belongings unaware that Jax had no died, and was getting back onto his feet, she was oblivious and startled to turn back and meet her end with a blow to her head from a hammer that was being used earlier on in the day for construction in the cabin shed.

Gurgling on her own blood as she choked from being struck multiple times, relentlessly, her face smashed in, unrecognizable,  her life began to drain as Jax stood towering over her, his chest bloody with gashes and his face scarred as he looked down at her. He would then dismember her body, keeping her head as the first thing in his collection before burying her underneath the cabin.

From then on, Jackson Briggs would kill mainly hookers, and prostitutes, although he killed many, including the elderly, or anyone who talked bad to him.



As the years rolled by, Jackson Briggs was eventually caught and sentenced to be executed by lethal Injection. Days were spent mainly in his cell just a few feet in diameter, and darkness for most of the days gone by. Jackson had tattoos on his face around his eyes,  a arm tattoo, and joined a gang as a gang was mandatory in prison. You had the blacks, the whites, the hispanics and so forth, and anyone, even the whites who talked to Jackson Briggs would be getting their head smashed in to pieces, Jackson even killed three inmates who talked down on him and took his lunch away, and was sent to another prison with no outside access to civilization.

On the day of his execution, something terrible happened in the world, an outbreak, an outbreak in which humans began turning into zombies by an unknown cause and began infecting other humans. Word spread around, and inmates in prison were doomed, even ones serving lesser sentences with no hope, and no way survival until one day….. The outbreak came to the prison Jackson Briggs was held, and the guard who was giving Jackson his lunch for the day had been mauled right in front of Jacksons cell and face as Jackson could only watch the horrifying event of his body being ripped apart by the teeth of a monster which was said to be a fairy tale and would never be a reality.

With the cop laying Jackson was able to grab his arms and adjust the cop to get the keys, lucky for Jackson, there was keys and keys to get out of that cell, the hell on earth as most would call it. Jackson would quickly open his cell, grabbing for the cops  hand gun, and everything he had before going through an infected prison with cellmates screaming for help. Jackson wouldn’t free them, he hated the world, hated people as he left the prison, he would look back at what would have been the day of his death, and a changed man began to emerge as he went off into the darkness of the night.



Through many months of the outbreak, Jackson would eventually arrive in Arklay, a small infected town with a few survivors, Jackson had encountered a few throughout the day.  Jackson at this point was  different from before as he had once again saw people die. One thing Jackson always had beside an evil heart, the one thing that balanced his evil heart was his brain. Realizing that life was in perish and humanity was an arms reach to being extinct, killing others for survival  was not completely needed as most homes were abandoned, belongings  such as weapons, ammo was there, cars were abandoned, and hot wiring was no problem for Jackson.  He would look around the town as he searched, seeing posters around, and while he looked around, he saw what was a woman being raped by two men, and stepped in with an axe in hand, and sliced them apart to stop their evil crime.

The woman had thanked Jackson as he talked to her, and even called him Jax as a way of saying his name. He found out she was a hooker in the need of money. Although tempted to kill her and take the belongings of the thieves and her, Jax would hesitate as he talked to her, learning she had been in wars, and grew up in a bad family and hated people. The more they talked, the more Jax’s heart began to change as she offered him friendship, something no one has done before and told him jobs were looking for people, and that the people of Arklay were similar to him and her.


The NEW Cop

Although Jax still didn’t like people, he accepted them more so before, and realized that  humanity needs to go on, and how special life was no matter who the person was. He searched for jobs and ended up walking by a poster that the Watchmen were hiring. Wondering who they were and what they did, he would stumble across their building, and be startled to find out it was a police station.  There was thoughts of going in and killing them all, but those thoughts were at the back of Jax’s mind as he remembered the talks with the woman from a day or two before after saving her, and quickly realized he was a hero, something he was before he killed, and never got appreciated for being.

Jackson would step into the station, only one was there, and they were hiring right away as the town needed watchmen, and the town had bandits who would kill, and steal thus making humanity become extinct. The captain in charge was surprised by Jacksons strength, and intelligence, and could see he was fit for the job.

Jackson loved to fight and brawl, and beat up people, especially bad people who needed to get their heads kicked in. Prison had many bad people, and had an underground boxing event every month where Jax was pound for pound the best boxer and had never lost a fight and would often knock out other prisoners with one punch.

Jackson would of course get hired for the job, and now he could beat up bad people, even kill them without jailing them.

The woman would ask  the troubled man, the built guy with the physic and scars on his face, what his name he would want to go by?


Jackson recalled…… “Call me Jax”.