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The Watchman Jax Meets The Howlers

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Jax saw himself getting bored quite often in the city of Arklay, afterall it was small, and tight, and you usually knew everyone, and fun events were not too often.  Jax craved violence and wanted to beat up bad guys, he would be doing the streets a favor as well in doing so.

The carnival was tonight, ran by the Howlers. “Oh, maybe I’ll get to arrest someone, or even better” Jax thought, still struggling from performing the darkest thoughts onto people that often went through his head, but rocking the green armband now, that of the watchmen, Jax had only two choices.                                                                                                             A: Return to being the old Jackson Briggs, the guy people were afraid of, no one liked and slow down humanity.                 B: Try to help humanity away from people like the old Jackson Briggs, give hope to a small town, and PROGRESS.

Jax would end up reaching the carnival by nightfall, the posters all over town had gave him the information, even the directions to where the carnival was taking place. The calmness of the night suddenly was overcame by loud music, people yelling, and machines activated, and running. Jax of course would waste no time in telling the people of Arklay to quiet down, or else, zombies could potentially be attracted, not even sure if noise attracts zombies, there had been no medical observations since the outbreak was still something newish.

Jax would posture himself, and stand with his gun, watching the people have fun was tempting, maybe he thought he would join for a change and get to know them? His one good thought was quickly now in the back of his head, overhearing a woman close by taunt another woman named Jade.

Jax turned back and saw both talking, one making threats with a gun pointed, the other who was assumed to be Jade making sly remarks about those threats and seemed careless that a gun was pointed at her.

Jax was not about to let the woman in overalls named Jade get shot, so he intervened to stop the woman with the AK before she massacred Jade and whoever else possibly. Jax tried to get her attention, oddly enough his voice didn’t scare her, it scared the animals and critters all around who were watching the show and attracted to the noise. The other woman with the gun pointed ignored Jax, and still kept pointing her gun anyway.

Jax was tempted to tackle the woman and beat her to a bloody mess ’til the point she would be on her last breath of survival and then only be taking to the police station and tortured more, possibly killed for even pointing a gun at another citizen. (Wouldn’t be good for RP, although she was ignoring my character, you can’t just ignore the police when you point a gun at somebody, because lets be honest, go and point a gun in real life with a cop nearby, you’re going to be killed, no ifs, and no buts).

So jax was going to go tackle her and stop the madness, he had told Jade to stay back so he could handle this. Little did Jax no, Jade was an evil mastermind, a criminal, and had planned to cause more trouble, so maybe the woman who was assumed to be called Amy knew although she still wasn’t in the clear to be doing the Watchmens job although there was no other Watchmen, most had left town, or were killed, and the last Watchman to be in town was in back in May.

Before Jax could get to Amy who had taken place inside the food stand or whatever it had been and still had her sights and her aim on jade with the trigger about to be pulled,  Jade for some rhyme or reason had began to taunt Jax and smart off. Although Jax did hear her words, it was her grabbing the back of his shoulders in which really got his attention. Jax would turn around with his arm swinging and backhand Jade in the mouth as he turned.

(Completely natural reaction to someone grabbing your shoulders often in real life, no god modding here. A godmod would have been more like turning around and then throwing  a punch at her. That would have gave her a chance to avoid the punch, but someone turning swiftly and backhanding you is unexpected, and was warranted here due to my characters toughness, and trigger happy approach).

After backhanding Jade in her mouth or face when he had turned around, he would grab onto Jade’s overalls for a few seconds, easy to grab since she was right up on him from pecking the back of his shoulders to get his attention in which she succeeded. Jax would warn her and make threats he would carry out, and let her go. Shortly after the incident when Jade had gained her steadyness, she to the surprise of Jax would bite his arm as deep as she could which now startled Jax, and he could feel a chunk of skin hanging off his arm, and blood pouring from the bite wounds down to his finger tips on his offhand, luckily for Jax he held his gun in his right hand, the blood flowing down and trickling would cause the gun to slip from his finger tips. (The blood was so much that it did cause dizzyness later on and for Jax to go to the hospital).

Jax didn’t take kindly to her biting his arm, no not at all, now Jax was focused on Jade, the thoughts of protecting her from a maniac with the AK held up in the stand were gone and he had forgotten about her. Jax was like a bull who could only see red now, and that was her death, that was to kill her and take care of whoever this Jade person was. After vicious bite, a bite which would have caused most people to drop to the ground holding their arm in severe pain, Jax would take that same hand and REACH for Jades neck. (Jade accepted). The reach for her neck was successful, Jax had her throat his big hand wrapped around her small frame giving her throat a squeeze although it was only a small squeeze, it was just that his hand was so big it had her entire throat blocking off her airway completely. Jax was tempted to choke her to death, rape her dead body, those thoughts now came into mind as Jade was almost successfully making Jax the old Jackson Briggs, if he had tried this act on her, he would have probably been shot cause unknown at the time, there were a few Howlers around.

Jax did let go of her neck, and Amy reacted to the grab by the throat after kicking herself onto the ground and gasping for breath, her eyes looking into Jax, her eyes of the  “I WILL KILL YOU” were bewitching to Jax, her laugh, her smile, so evil which resembled the old Jackson Briggs who killed many and was set to be executed.  Jax would lick his arm, and clean the blood off his arm, taunting Jade, making threats “this could be your blood you know”.  Jade was not afraid of the unknown man, Jade didn’t even care. Most would have ran off, but not Jade which was quite puzzling.

As Jade talked to Jax, he began to learn more that she was in a gang of some sort, possibly even their leaders from the small hints that she gave. She would continue taunting Jax as if to make him do something so her cronies could shoot him to death, and they had the chance to do so until Jade pushed herself to the barrel of the gun that Jax held which rendered them from attacking and shooting him due to Jade possibly being hit by their bullets, or due to Jax shooting her and killing her if he was to be shot and killed cause afterall, the gun was off safety, his finger had the trigger and would be pulled in an instant if shot.

Now it came to pass, Jax had forgotten about the AK woman, even forgotten to take Jade to the police station until she brought it up, it was now discovered that there were people aiming their guns at Jax. Jax? He didn’t care, his death meant little to him, he WAS going to be executed, WAS supposed to DIE, but due to the outbreak reaching the prison, here he was standing at the face of death once again, but with the gun to take one with him. Was Jade their leader? What would they do without Jade? Would they be disorganized? That had remained to be seen.

During this whole time, there had been another person who worked security for AEGIS that had shown up, that person didn’t do much at all besides stand around and watch the events take place.

Jade eventually agreed to go to the police station with Jax and offered her hand to him in which he got the cuffs and put them onto her wrist. Jade had told her gang to stand down, to let things go and that she would end up escaping shortly no matter what the cost was.  A shot had ranged out, it was the other security person shooting the dead body that had been at the show, a dead body in which Jade had taunted Jax earlier claiming to be someone possibly looking to join the Watchmen, but ended up dead in which Jax didn’t care and was more focused on calming the two women who made threats at each other.

Jax had forgot to bring Amy with him, Amy eventually did drop the AK figuring that Jax would be killed and had left before they would have turned her attention to her.

None the less, Jax had Jade the possible mastermind, plans to interrogate her in the worst ways possible were in his head, but his badly injured arm stopped those plans cause he felt dizzy, and would have to go get the severe bite wound Jade dished out onto his arm treated. So Jax would take Jade to the police station, lock her up, and lock the doors, sadly there were no other Watchmen as he drifted off to the hospital to get treated which would have allowed Jade to escape.



I enjoyed this RP, I thought the story hear being told was very interesting if you think about it. Amy who had the AK was possibly going to kill Jade, Jax had saved her which let Jade go from death and win over Amy who had lost her chance, her best possible chance to kill Jade as this was probably one of the very few times Amy had Jade who had her gun concealed in her sights and would also saved Amy from being killed off by Jades men.

Jax did win cause he did get the women to stop (person with the AK gun went away), but it was a little late cause the party and event had came to an end and the night dwindled down.

Jade succeeded in getting Jax to not watch her in jail, so she would have plenty of time to escape, the arm was bleeding so bad from her insane bite he had to go get stitched up.

Although Jax had heard about the Howlers, this was the first time meeting them, and now learning more about them.






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    June 17, 2017

    And to mention about the backhand thing. She was right onto Jax who was big and hulking, with a huge arm that swung around as he turned. Anyhow, enjoy the read <3