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Warehouse Run

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Went on a scavenge, but like a proper one, you know, driving there, warehouse, the lot. It was Kim who gave me the heads up. She was brilliant, covered me while I searched. The place had been well and truly gutted. She’d been before, but I managed to find a stash of pills she’d missed, so she wasn’t like all empty handed. So yeah, pills and chocolate was about it on the scoffable front.

I mean, there was like other stuff, some house stuff, you know, like plates and bowls and stuff like that, so I grabbed some of those, coz I thought we could use them for the caff. The stuff there keeps getting all broken and chipped and cracked and whatever, so I kinda figured every little bit helps, right?

And clothes too, there were piles of clothes kinda just lying around. But that stuff’s like totally pot luck right? I mean, you got rots there, even if Kim’s doing a totally sweet job picking them off, but it’s not as if I’m gonna take my time, you know, try stuff on, look for a mirror. All ooh… I wonder if they have this one in red? Er… I don’t think so! It’s grab a bunch of whatever and get out fast.

So yeah, got a bunch of clothes too, even if half of them don’t actually fit and the rest I like totally wouldn’t be seen dead in. Ever. But it’s not like scavengers can be choosers, right?