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Gangs and shit

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So there I am, kinda like just getting back into the routine of stuff here, you know, working at the caff and stuff, when who only goes and walks into the yard? Just the guy I kissed the other day! We like chatted some and then he only goes and asks me if I wanna go back to his place! So, yeah, I do, and that’s kinda totally dreamy…

Turns out, he’s in some kinda biker gang or something, which is kinda cool I guess, dunno, coz when I saw him later in the pub, he was with this other guy, who I’m thinking is maybe like the boss of it or something. And they were like wearing the same jackets, so yeah, that’s probly deff the gang thing, right? But they were doing gang stuff, so I was mostly ignored, which is cool, but not before he’d made it pretty to clear to everyone that we were like together or whatever, and then everyone was totally looking at me and, you know, everyone looking at me… soo not the plan!

So the next day, feeling kinda naughty, I thought I’d go see if I could find him. Tried the hospital and, yeah, there he was, but OMG! He’d totally been in a fight and he’d like lost an eye, the whole thing ffs! And there was no one around to help or anything, so I took him inside, put him to bed, gave him some pills, no idea what but they kinda knocked him out, and I tried to bandage it some. He was still there when I checked on him later, out for the count, which is probly a good thing, so I left him some honey, coz that’s like magic, right? Oh, and I think he broke his hand too…

Serious shit or what! But I’m totally not thinking about that, I’m thinking happy thoughts. Happy. Thoughts.