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Lost Voices

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I had to go check, I spose I knew it was gonna be all pointless, but I still totally had to go check. It was like the middle of the night when it hit me and from that moment there totally was no going back. It was a big moon, so that was cool, coz I could just slip off the island, no fuss or anything. Didn’t even pin a note or anything, which I guess was kinda bad.

But I still had to go. Took a couple of days to get there. Mostly travelling at night. Spent another day just checking the place out, coz, you know, gotta totally be careful, right? No rots, no people. Tree was there, the one with the swing, like he’d said. So I started digging when I was super sure that I wasn’t gonna be like all busted.

And I had been right, it was one of Senpai’s stashes, just like on the list he’d left me, but I lost that like ages ago, and the stash had been raided. Nothing there. It was only the next morning that I spotted the box, under some bushes, all empty and thrown away. There was this crumpled piece of paper next to it nearby. And now that’s all I have left of him. It’s here next to me now, as I write this back on the island. Mustn’t cry. Mustn’t look back. It’s all about tomorrow, not yesterday, right?