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Day Three – August 21st, 2017

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Deep thought for the day: So ya, sitting on the docks today waiting for someone to need something, the thought occurred to me…can sea creatures be infected, and if so, at any moment could an infected shark just dive onto this dock and swallow me whole??

Elise told me to keep those sorta thoughts at bay since we will be spending a lot of time out there on the water.  Guess she’s right, no point getting all worked up about it.  Elise…she is really great, giving us a job and all and a way to earn some fast cash.  Scored our first trade today hauling that pile of corrugated metal up to the Eights, broke a fucking nail too.  Abe was cool, haggled with us a bit but I think we got a fair price.

It feels good to lie back with a fire and I can’t wait to get out of these filthy clothes.  Do I really have to wait until Saturday to get a free bath? Damn it, I will be ripe by then working with all these fish! I just had to go and creep myself out about the ocean…great, there went a chance for an early bath.  Maybe that pond I saw…murky water is better than no water I ‘spose.  Speaking of water, omfg was that well water gross! I really need to find a way to filter that shit.

Dad…I sure miss you. You taught us well, but sitting here alone by a fire sure brings back memories of the three of us tossin’ a few back and your stories…fuck I miss your stories.

Rest well…