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Let This Not Turn to Shit

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I made it to this island just before I’d about given up. It had been the best part of 2 weeks since Steve died, from what I reckon, and I had not spoken a word since I left him there all messed up. I almost miss him, then I remember all the rest. Anyway, new start.

So I wandered around the place for awhile, trying to get my bearing, when I found this little run down general store. I had a few dollars left and wanted to get some ammo for the pistol. It wasn’t completely useless being empty. The blood stains on the butt of the handle proved that much. But my outlook would improve greatly with a handful of bullets.

It was not to be, however. The clerk of the little store spit out a price that about drained the life from me, so I didn’t stick around long. She pointed me toward the hospital’s shelter and told me the owner of the store might hire someone else. I aim to check out that proposition tomorrow.

For now, I am laying on a hard cot in the hospital. It smells a curious mix of disinfectant and urine, and still I am nearly serene. Tonight will be the first night in a long while that I haven’t had to sleep with one eye open, exposed to the elements and all their surprises. It’s also the first time I’ve slept in a bed without him next to me in over 2 years. I thank him for all he taught me. And may he rot in hell for all the rest.

First Night