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Who is the new girl in town…

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A young girl,lost her family after the apocalypse,trying every possible way to survive and find the responsibles of this contagion,eating alive her relatives.It is not possible that infection comes from nowhere but some mad scientists ad politicians trying to control the whole universe.She adapted herself to eat less,hunt even in dark in the woods and also collect samples of Infecteds she kills,working on her -secret- lab,a.k.a the tiny hotel room,the only place with a roof that she can afford with her even tinier salary coming from being a clerk at S-Mart. Her friendly nature,helps her to find rare things easily. Monger is her new nickname now around the town.She is famous of getting anything and everything in no time with great prices.You dont believe that? Find her.. She ll be standing on the market or on the deck of the bay watching the sunset..