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Stupid Effing Goat

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Okies… so today I had my first go at milking the goat and er… it really didn’t go to plan. Coz I was sposed to end up with some goat milk in a bucket, right? But the bucket got kicked… I got kicked… everything pretty much got kicked. So like, bruises (me) and temper tantrums (goat) and deff no milk. Just limped away all empty handed. Oh my gosh but this is gonna be like loads harder than I thought…

So, like, in other news, I’m getting kinda big time fed up with my hair. But I’m a bit worried that if I take out the cornbraids, it’s gonna spring out all crazy curly, so maybe I should just like totally cut it all off. Coz, like, what are the chances of finding some working hair straighteners, right? But I’m not sure I wanna cut it all off, coz, you know, the weather’s deff cooling and no hair in winter? I’m thinking that’s probly not a good idea.

Oh, and PS, there’s been some weird shit going on with the Howlers, I think they’ve kinda gone into hiding or something, but I keep hearing rumours and tbh, I’m kinda worried about Ashes…

And PPS, I’m sitting at the caff writing this looking at a barrel with like flowers and candles and shit on it… who the fuck’s died?