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10/19/17 Dear Diary……

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dear diary1019

This seems like a rather mundane thing to be doing…. writing in a journal, calling it “Diary”. But my life has been strangely mundane since arriving on the island. I feel…. strange like I’m always living inside a glass box, with all this normalcy happening around me but not to me. I was invited to a potluck of all things and I nearly passed out. 4 tours overseas didn’t give me any PTSD but finding a nice place to be a human again did? My luck….

In order to transition into this pre-Outbreak sort of lifestyle, I picked up a place among the Arklay Emergency Services Clinic and Shelter. AES for short. Providing medical care was my life for so long, it’s a bit easier to feel comfortable doing that rather than cashiering or something. Cashiering. Never thought that’d be something I’d do with my life again…. I’ve got to go lay down, my head is starting to hurt again. I can only think about these things for so long. But at least I have a mattress to do it in. And a pillow.