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A Fool

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Dear Emily,

I made a fool of myself these  last few days. I got hurt, pretty badly, fighting some roamers. I hadn’t slept in three days, I had no business taking them on, but I did. Haven’t been feeling myself lately. I think everything is taking a toll, I don’t know. Thora told me about you two and I didn’t really know how to process that. I said some nasty things to her, I hurt her bad.

I’ve got to make that right, though. I love her, Emily. I really do. She and I are going to have to work through some things, rebuild some trust, but I do love her. Like you did, I guess. She and I are having a baby and I hope that you wish us well.  We’ll raise her right, help her be a woman of this world.

I’ll still write to you, let you know how it’s going. I miss you. Thora does too, I’m sure. She talks to you sometimes when she thinks I can’t hear her.  I’m sorry you never felt comfortable enough to be honest with me, but I understand why.

It doesn’t change how much I loved you. Still do. Always will, I think.

As Ever,