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Brighter Horizons

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Dear Diary,

Today I came into my new job as a nurse at AES Hospital. As I was entering the hospital I saw Hayley that I met at the bonfire from the night before. I greeted Hayley as I was walking in she asked me if I was working at the hospital I told her “yes ma’am,” Hayley asked me if someone has already gave me the tour I told her “not yet,” as she put her book down and comes inside to show me how things work in the hospital. Hayley showed me the correct forms to use and fill out for the patients and where to place them when finished plus describe the process of new patient , checkup, physical, and the rest of the information I needed to learn about the hospital. When we came to morgue which was really creepy not know if the bodies are dead for good or going wake back up, also its where they keep the people that has been infected or becoming infected in cells for their protection and others. I am so excited about being a nurse as she remembers before the outbreak that she was in college studying medical terminology and health information technology classes right when the outbreak occurred, thinking that it was never going to happen since all the chaos. However, now it gives me a brighter horizons that I will still get a piece of what dream I did have for my future when things was normal. It might not be what I imagined but pretty dang close for what resources we have. I will sleep better tonight knowing that my sisters Groovy and Jenna are both working and doing good for themselves and that I have a job or what I consider as a career to go to keep busy and take my mind off the chaos happening around the world. “Can’t wait for tomorrow!!”