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Everything is just peachy

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So I guess if I wish to keep my sanity, I should write things down.

So after a few months of living on my own, only the gods know how I did it, I finally got to Arklay. It was a hell to make it here but the island seems to know what it is doing.

They have stores set up, a hospital, compounds. I can call myself lucky to arrive here. Sometimes I wonder if Emily got that much trouble in New Zealand? Or if she thinks of me in times like this?

We have been divorced for over, I think it’s two-three years now? Well, let me tell you, I still miss her every day. But I should move on. I have no idea if she is even alive or not!

So, about my day, I arrived at Arklay as I have told you before, I came across Eights or the Eights, whatever, there was a woman there, her name’s Demi and let me tell you, if I had to start over. I’d gladly do it with her.

But she’d a widow and very straight, just my luck, she offered me food, water, basically everything I need to start in this community. Also she told me to apply for the hospital due to the fact I am an E.R doctor so instantly I was interested and took a form with me, speaking of which I should probably go fill it in.

See ya tomorrow!