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So I’ve ended up with a puppy… yeah, I know, like huh? But it like totally wasn’t planned. I was out kinda exploring some, when I came across it. At first I was kinda stressed that it’s mother was nearby and gonna get all like protective, coz dogs these day, right? But nope, nothing, so what was I sposed to do? Well, I hung around not moving much, but not like obviously paying much attention to the puppy, you know, in case it’s mother did show up, but after quite some time, there was nothing and the puppy was just you know, still there, looking at me, not doing much, and the more I was there, the more my heart was totally melting…

So then I thought maybe I should like just walk away, but the puppy only went and followed me! Oh my gosh… what was I sposed to do? I mean, like seriously? It was like one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make, like ever! Coz a puppy… these days? What am I thinking?

Well, I got this idea, in my mind, that I’m gonna like train him, you know, to be like a proper useful dog, coz he looks like he’s mostly Alsatian, and they’re totally sposed to be super smart dogs, and I’m thinking that might not be a bad thing, specially after what happened at the caff when this guy just kinda suddenly went all batshit and pulled a gun on Jenna. I mean, I dunno if a dog would’ve made him think twice, but it’d probly help… maybe.¬†Anyways, the thing with the guy and the gun was cool in the end. But like majorly stressful!

So yeah, maybe a puppy to train and stuff isn’t like totally stupid or maybe I’m just kidding myself and it’s totally gonna end in tears…


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