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katonia scrubbing at the linens she pulled from beds ” I need to get the stains, musky smells, and body odor out of these blankets they are disgusting,” she thinks to herself while scrubbing the linens across the basin hard as she can feeling the burn in her arms. Katonia then proceeds to take the each linen and wrench the water out of them much as she can before draping them over the sides of the bunks to dry for a bit. After waiting for awhile and attending to other things around the hospital Katonia then went to check to see if the bed linens were dry. Katonia collects each blanket, sheet, and pillow case and putting them in a handwoven basket she found thrown away on the island so that she cold fold them. After having folded all the linens then Katonia put them in sets where there is one blanket, sheet, and pillow case inside the basket. While carrying the basket full of bed linens to each bed readying them for patients and the shelter Katonia thought to herself “these are kind of stiff..can’t remember when was the last time I’ve seen fabric softener…well atleast they are clean,” she thought. Katonia finishing up her last bed and wore out from all the work “It’s time for a smoke break.”