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Small World and New Faces

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Dear Diary,

I came into work today at AES and enjoying the fact that I have a job that I enjoy and look forward to doing. I started my shift by reviewing some files that Charlie had out on the front desk. After having reviewed the stack of files on the desk I gave them back to Charlie so that he can file them. Moments later I went outside to take a quick smoke break where a met a nice man by the name of Elias it was Hayley’s husband the young woman who trained me in the medical field on how AES operates. It’s funny how small the world is or should I say island is to meet new faces which you already knew through someone else in a way, which makes it feel more like home comfortable being here. After being outside for awhile talking with Elias thinking how Charlie probably thinking I got lost or something bad has happened since I was out there for a bit. However; not much was going on at the hospital tonight which I had my eye out from the side of the building incase anyone entered while I was out there. My sisters and I are doing great after Groovy’s recovery from Dysentery sickness now we are just trying to get some money saved up so we can buy some sort of protection hopefully a handgun for me, not sure what my sisters Jenna and Groovy going to get. Groovy might just stick with her bow just needs to stock up on some arrows for it. After my shift I might go do some scavenging for some good then drop by the diner to check on Jenna and Groovy if its not too late.