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The Dog Gone’ Flu

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Dear Diary,

I started my day out like I usually do woke up steamed me up a cup of coffee and get ready to do some scavenging around Arklay Island. After hours of scavenging for some goods I came across a can of dog food which is good to eat when you don’t have much to eat or nothing at all at times, especially when there is limited sources of items. All had was a cup of coffee this morning it was now about noon and I was getting hungry and haven’t ate nothing for breakfast and thought to myself ” well…I have this can of dog food on me I’ll eat it to fill my empty stomach since I’m still out scavenging.” Little did I know that I would catch the flu from the dog gone’ dog food. Firstly, I started feeling a headache behind my eyes and nose, the pressure was unbearable. Secondly, my nose started running and draining with mild cough.  The last thing that happened was starting to sneeze which led to what felt like hot flashes. I started sweating and felt like I was freezing then the next second I would be burning up. I felt so miserable and knew from working as a nurse at AES exactly what the symptoms was the flu fit the description perfectly. I made my way down to AES which no one was working and I had to administer the antibiotics myself which was no problem knowing that not many other nurses worked the same shift as me. I thought this was going to be a normal day and would be going into my shift at AES at this time instead of going into AES to run a lab on a flu swab to see if I was right and take some medicine to get the fever down. I am now recovering slowly but starting to feel a lot better the fever has let up a bit which make a world difference. Now I’m just trying to get most rest as I can so I can get back on my feet and help other that are sick. I so miss having a cell phone it would have been nice to call my sister Groovy and Jenna, and tell them what was happening but I’m on the road to recovery and looks like I’m strong enough to pull through. Well time for me to get some sleep, I feel my meds kicking in and eyelids are starting to feel like I have weights hanging from them. Hopefully when I wake up I will be feeling a lot better.