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The New Arrival

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Dear Diary,

Today I met a new-comer on the island and had to do a mandatory checkup for new arrivals on him to make sure he is not infected and that all his vitals are stable and in good health so that we prevent from any major problems on the island. The new arrival seemed to very nice and said that he was in the U.S. Army which can help out with runs to the mainland. I can’t tell you his name or a lot of information on him just what was said outside of the hospital due patient confidentiality, I want to try to keep somethings private and a little aspect of how things was before the outbreak.  I told the man about Arklay’s Raid and Rescue group that is ran by Elias and his wife Hayley that help train new-comers on survival skills, that he might enjoy helping out or lending a hand to help with training. However, things are a lot different than in army but maybe something he would enjoy and help make his place on the island and get settled in. I went up the mountain to the old Demios Tower in the mountain where the Raid and Rescue Head Quarters is located to tell Elias about the new-comer might be coming by to see them in couple days so that they have the heads up if he shows up. I didn’t know how bad out of shape I was in until I made it to the top of the mountain. I could feel the burn in my legs. I can run all day on flat land, guess I might to start running up more hills and mountains or take up Elias offer to come train with their group. I might have to take him up on that offer don’t want to get real bad out of shape being in the hospital and getting settled on the island guess made me stop exercising as much. However, there still are zombies out there and I could get attacked by or incase there is a large outbreak on the island I need to be in shape so that I can defend myself and survive like my sisters and I did many times before. Hope to see this new arrival to the island come by and visit me at AES sometime and that he finds a place on the island that he fits in and can survive like the rest of us that has found our way but still living everyday one day at a time. I hope the best for all the new arrivals that they can find at least a small break for what we have all been through on the mainland and get back what little sanity they have left.