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A few days in

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I’ve officially been back in town a few days, but, its shocking less open than it used to be. Cold shoulders, and closed off offers. It’s strange really. People keep talking about moving forward, rebuilding society, but there’s a lack of humor, and smiles and general friendliness, even less than before. I Though things were supposed to get better ,not worse. I know the world ended, but, if we want to fix things, why are we getting worse?


Not everything is bad though. I got a new job at Coaches, cheaper moonshine always a bonus. But I tend to work the late nights. Not too many customers come in late. But, it pays for food and water, yes? I even made a new friend, yesh, i know i was jsut going on about how quiet things are. But hopefully scavving together we can find something nice. Anyway, time to go to bed, she said keeping a journal would help… so lets see.