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day 13

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been a few days away from my journal, but there has not been a dull moment in camp since my last entry and well after getting some much needed aid for my illness and feeling much better took further study into the actions of my new found crew and also the others in town, good favour comes with well needed funds and unfortunately today I no longer have the keys to ATC but I guess the time had come, what with me now working with R&R but did manage to accrue one pay check for the time I was with them, and with that I have managed to gain a small stash of items that no doubt will be much needed in the days ahead. Also found out day 12 that my wife Rosie is with child so find ourselves needing to look out for one more, and Rosie has but I was a fighter before it all went down I’ve fought with and for many on the road to Arklay  to have Rosie safe here now I shall now fight again to keep safe. also managed to fix the hair trigger on my crossbow test firing proves it to be still a touch light but now smooth on release thinking of upgrading back to a assault rifle soon though but parts seem to be just as rare here as anywhere else I’m hoping that now I have good wages coming in trading for or buying one around town may also be soon a option and I did find some ammo that would suit too on a scavenge. and so much more has been happening in this little haven we have in Arklay .