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Dec 30th

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Mark is still in the mainland… Its never taken one of us this long to go get supplies… he left yesterday morning… he would be the one to go farther then we said we wouldn’t. If i went that far out i would be lookin at some major yelling when i got home from my overly protective grumpy bear.. but i know its only cause he loves me. I decided to ease my mind by going out to the town… i haven’t really socialized with many people since being back..seems today was a good day i met two new people… one who was working in coach, the other a paramedic in training who i took under our wing… i’m sure  Mark wouldn’t mind help training her … we need good paramedics field medics who can think on the fly while in the danger zone..  we have nurses and doctors who can stay in the hospital but not enough who can think while in that moment on the field..  I’m excited to train again.. its been along time since i was able to do that…  then of course we met phillip again… over all it was a great day sitting in a bar not getting drunk at all….